Thank You

Thank you for being wonderful. Thank you for bringing joy to my life. Thank you for being obstinate over obscure, minute details. Thank you for loving wine with me. Thank you for loving food with me. Thank you for learning how to use real knives for me. Thank you for being such a fun father for Spencer. Thank you for putting up with my finickiness. Thank you, most of all, for choosing to love me. I love you Andy, and I am extremely thankful for the gift of your love this Thanksgiving.

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And thank you God for giving us such a bountiful harvest that I have more than enough to eat. And thank you for wine. Good wine. Like The Geringer Brothers’ Late Harvest Cab Franc. It pairs well with the…oh, who’m I kidding. It’s hard to pair much with sausages wrapped in puff pastry… greasy goodnesses they are. But they’re darn good, Lord, and thank you for giving us opportunities to celebrate with such as these. We are joyful at the gift you give us, so thank you for your loving kindness.

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Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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