Chillax Type of Day

Today is Thursday, which means that only one thing stands between me and the weekend: 24 hours. I suppose that wasn’t as smooth a comment as I was picturing it would be in my head. Oh well. Yes, not much longer until I get 100 times the help with Spencer. And hopefully we’ll be able to finish our Project Rearrange.

Spencer seemed unusually good today, which I was very happy about. Upon reviewing his sleep log for the day, though, he was definitely on the short end of the stick sleep wise. Could explain why he was crying nonstop for 30 minutes this evening, I suppose. Well, we knew he was tired. It was the matter of getting him to sleep that was the issue. Anyway, tomorrow is another day, and hopefully he’ll be better rested.

Today’s picture: actually taken by Andy! who was doing a diaper change at the time, and decided that this picture was a good idea. Three guesses what’s on his head.

[singlepic id=381 w=320 h=240 float=center]

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