Baby Pool

Edit: Bidding is now closed. The baby has been born. The winner has been announced.

Bidder’s Name Date Weight Length
Heather March 4th 7lbs 8oz 20.5″
Judy March 9th 8lbs 12oz 21.5″
Adam March 10th 8lbs 6oz 20″
Frank March 11th 7lbs 7.5oz 22″
Toni March 12th 8lbs 21″
Cris March 12th 8lbs 9oz 20″
Kat March 13th 7lbs 5oz 19″
Myrica March 14th 7lbs 10oz 19.9688 “
Heather March 14th 8lbs 5oz 21″
Adam March 15th 8lbs 3oz 21.78″
Toni March 15th 7lbs 15oz 20″
Cris March 15th 7lbs 12oz 21″
Myrica March 17th 7lbs 7oz 22.1″
Judy March 20th 8lbs 5oz 20.5″

Okay people, so this is how this works. We will have spaces for your guesses regarding the actual delivery date, the weight, and the length so that you can keep track of your competitors.

The cost per guess is $5.00 to a maximum of 2 guesses per person (to make it fair). This will be a 50/50 win, meaning that 50% of the total amount of money pooled will be given to the winner, and 50% of the total amount will go to the kid. Indirectly. 🙂

Your guess will appear officially on this table only after we have received the $5.00 (or $10, if that’s how you work) from you.

You can send us a cheque, or you can do an email bank transfer (most banks offer one free email bank transfer per month, but check yours to make sure) to us to enter yourself into the pool. Or, if you live near us and end up seeing us, cash works too.

You can make a guess at any time up until one month before the expected due date (March 8th); that would be February 8th, 2010.

The way we will determine the winner is on a points basis. If you have the correct date/weight/length, you will receive 2 points. If you are the closest to the correct date/weight/length, you will receive 1 point. The person who has the most points will win.

If you have questions, please call or email us. We’ve never done this before, so we realise the ‘rules’ may change a bit if someone spots something inconsistent.

FYI: We will not be accepting I.O.U.’s or credit. We know you all too well 🙂

Oh, and the reason we do not have gender as a guess on here is that we are hoping to find out what the gender is, and I (Jane) don’t think I’d be able to keep from telling that to people. 🙂

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