Today Spencer and I got coffees! That was the by product of going to have coffee with Sr. Sheila downtown at our coffee roaster’s place. It was a great afternoon visiting with her, and we were able to pick up our monthly dose of coffee while there. Sheila took us along Sussex Drive for a walk and gave us an historical tour of the buildings we walked by. I’m eagerly anticipating going back with the little Spence. I’m especially looking forward to walking along the falls there; can’t wait to see Spencer’s reaction :).
On an earlier note, we both were vaccinated this morning. Spencer has a follow up vaccination a month from now, but he sure had a sad face to last until then! Poor kid. Such a sad cutie.
Earlier this evening while we were just sitting about hanging out Spence decided it would be a good idea to pull himself up to stand against his excersaucer. Good thing we were around to catch his fall…
Spencer never naps terribly well in the stroller (he’ll fall asleep fine, but it’s pretty mediocre in terms of quality), and we were out most of the day between the vaccinations and heading downtown, so he was a little off in terms of his quality of sleep, I think. I put him down for a nap at 5:50 and he decided to go to sleep for the night (his bedtime is usually 7 or 7:30). I felt so bad! No supper, no bed time routine, no diaper change (we changed him a few hours later when he had a slight wake up). Alas it’ll be us who’re sorry tomorrow morning when he wakes at 4am for the day. It would seem I’ll have to be a little more picky about his naps before bed.

Today’s picture: Spence climbing his excersaucer 😀
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