Living it Up

This post may be a wee late in coming, but WE MADE IT! Currently we are living, eating, breathing and smelling Ottawa.
We had nearly no problems on the drive, we had anticipated arriving Wednesday into Ottawa, but bad weather from North Bay prevented us from making it the whole way, so we rested in Pembroke. It was close to blizzarding out there and had a very hard time seeing the road when there was traffic (which was often). So Thursday it was that we were slated to arrive in Ottawa, and arrive we did.
We are staying with Andy’s cousin and family, who have graciously offered room for us for the month of February while we wait for our accommodations, and it has been really good. We are close to where we will be living, have started seeking out various services we will be needing and making contact (chiropractor, dentist, etc). I’ll have to head in to St. Paul’s University soon to get some more information and generally establish contact.
Andy seems to be enjoying himself at his job so far. It is a good 30-40 minute drive from here, but very pretty and quaint. His first day with the students is today, but he’ll have to write about his own experience for an update there.
Other than that, we are doing well. Thank you to everyone who voiced prayers on our behalf, we sure appreciate(d) them. We’ll keep reporting from our ventured here. I’ll make an attempt to upload some pictures. For the most part, they are up on facebook for those who are enrolled. Thanks again!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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