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We had a bit of an adventure this week with our 6 lbs of ground beef we bought from Costco last Saturday. We decided to make chorizo sausage. Andy has been sharpening his cooking abilities while he’s been at home, and he’s made some really great things. So he took about 1/3 of the beef and mixed it with a bit of ground pork and made some combination of spices (he actually ground dried hot peppers to make them a spice with a mortar and pestle!) and voila! we have a form of chorizo! Though it’s not like what we buy in stores, we were pleased with it. When we try it again, we’ll change a few things (the flavour needs to be turned up a notch, as well as the heat), but we were very pleasantly surprised with how it turned out! So, we now have about 2 lbs of chorizo to play with, and it’s been much cheaper than buying it in stores. It’s much easier to make breakfast burritos with chorizo sausage now! Mmmm!

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