Crazy Cook Strikes Again

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Two days ago, Andy tried a new hand at bread making.

He found a cool website that gives great instructions on how to make your own bread from scratch and some great tips at making it a great turn or events. So, these were the results of his first attempt. Apparently the bubbles in normal bread are fairly hard to achieve, called The Crumb, and if you see those bubbles, especially if they’re sporadic throughout the bread, it means that the baker really knew what s/he was doing. So, Andy had one major Crumb, and one minor, as you can tell in the second horizontal photo there. Probably not the absolute desired effect, but it was darned funny. It reminded me of high school home economics class when me, Christine, and Jonathan put soap (amongst other things) in the muffins we were supposed to me making. The result were that a few of the muffins had distinct peaks with a baked soap bubble at the top. HOWEVER, Andy did not put soap in his bread. You may notice a flat loaf beside the bubble loaf in the first picture – that was supposed to be bread shaped, but it flopped on the pan. Overall, the bread was really tasty, bubbles or flat. Looking forward to see how his next batch challenges this one…

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