Bye bye, BMO

Main reasons I hate the Bank of Montreal:

  1. “In order to serve you better, we will no longer be open when you like to do your banking!” Well, maybe I paraphrased a bit, but I wouldn’t be complaining if they just said they were reducing hours to save money. Claiming it actually “served me better” is just insulting.
  2. The best offer they could make when I needed to borrow a couple thousand dollars was “apply for a low-interest-rate credit card”. A freaking credit card?? And this despite having a perfect credit history (with them!) for a decade, owning a car, having a full time job, and having a higher limit on my credit card (from them!) than I was asking for. Meanwhile the local credit union, who had never seen me before, gladly gave me double the limit I needed at a better interest rate, and were quite astonished I’d been turned down by BMO. Hence, the credit union now gets to handle the majority of our banking needs. The only downside is that I recall the credit union system wasn’t very extensive in Ontario. 🙁
  3. Service charges. I barely use the account. I pay for each transaction, because I don’t use it enough to get a banking plan. So they doubled the statement fee (which they insist on mailing out even though I’d happily just download it for free) and increased other charges by as much as 488%! Yep, 85 cents wasn’t enough for getting cash out of a savings account, apparently. They now need $5 for the same action???

I’m just tired of feeling like they’re ripping me off, or living in fear that I might accidentally trigger a ridiculous service fee. They’re really not even being subtle about it anymore, or pretending to offer me any sort of real service in exchange for the fees. So I’m leaving. Bye bye, BMO. Hello, PC Banking!

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