The Deathly Hallows Prediction Exam

Hey everyone!
I’d like to redirect you to the most awesome site, The Leaky Cauldron, which has put together a most awesome exam to do with loose ends that you can say will be tied up or not in the last book. This is the most awesome time ever for Harry Potter fans – we’re the only ones in history who can credibly say we do not know how the series will end. This is the most anticipated book in history (from what we’re aware of) and we, those of us who are privileged enough to be a part of this intrigue, have a chance to record whether what we think will happen or not in this final book. What you do (as the site will direct you) is just answer a series of questions, primarily yes or no, and once the book has been released, the Elves of The Leaky Cauldron will ‘correct’ your exam and email you back regarding how many of your predictions were right or not. How awesome is that?! And you can blog about it. So check out the exam and blog it! Please have patience with it’s page loading time, as I believe it is being heavily used and it takes a bit of time for each new page of questions to load. Good luck! Can’t wait to see everyone’s results!


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