Songs With Celia

Approximately a week ago, Celia came to visit me for about four days. It was quite a sporadic decision, and very spontaneous. And quite worth the ride :). I picked her up from LAX airport Friday afternoon, and that night we hung out at the beach. Youth Ministry was having a Beach BBQ so we ate and were merry. Saturday I was doing a Peer Ministry Training Session with some teens all day, so Celia explored on her own and, from what I understand, enjoyed her touring. She helped to create a Youth Ministry Sign so that I could advertise youth ministry after the masses and the Family BBQ we were holding Sunday night. Sunday we spent most of the day at the parish, hanging out after the masses.

During the break between the morning masses and the evening mass, however, we went out to the beach and swam. And, as always seems to happen, I got burnt, even though I reapplied sunblock this time. Differently, though, I put (well, Celia helped a very lot, cause it was on my back) vaseline on the burn to seal in the moisture. This seems to have worked (so far). I think I should probably put some more on when I get back to do the same thing, but it definitely stopped hurting quicker than my other burns did (like, only 2 days this time rather than 2 weeks). So I think there’s something to be said there…

Monday we headed out to Disneyland and spent the day there. It was really cool. I hadn’t been there since I was about 5 or so with my mom. I found it weird in some areas, cause I vaguely remember areas. Like glimpses of what I was feeling when I saw things for the first time when I was 5. Like Cinderella’s Castle. I remember feeling extremely hopeful that we could go in the Castle and walk around into secret passageways and staircases, but it was not so, and I was disappointed. It was neat. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride wasn’t worth the Jack Sparrows that were in it, which is saying something, coming from me. It was neat, I suppose, but rather bland. We went on, I’d guess, approximately 7 rides, and we did lots of walking. Celia bought an Indiana Jones hat, which I think is really cool, and I bought Jack Sparrow dread locks.

I liked splash mountain. We used the FastPass for that, which means that you go to these machines, shove your entrance pass into it, and it’ll give you a ticket telling you when to come back to bypass the line. That was the one ride where it was so completely worth it. The sign said it was about a 45 minute wait for the ride, but after walking past all those people waiting, I’d guestimate it was probably an hour and 20 or so. Our wait: 7 minutes. About. That was darned sweet. The rest of the rides were maybe a half hour wait, so we either picked a good day or we just had luck.

Anyway, after Disneyland, we came back, got some pictures of Celia in the ocean for Lorainne (and in which Celia completely doused herself by being knocked over by waves), we then headed up to the viewpoint and watched the sun set, timed the twilight (maybe a half hour), headed to the Pier and sang songs for an hour or two (she was using my guitar).

It was a really awesome visit, and I’m so glad she came to visit!! My first visit from a friend!

At any rate, there are some pictures from the trip at the end of this post.

And, here’s another video:
Fainting Goats


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