Gah! Being Tijuana’d!

So, we’re heading off to Tijuana this Sunday, starting the van packing at 8:30am!! Please keep us in your prayers (there are 8 of us total)!! I can’t wait to be rid of all this paperwork for a week!

Aaaand there’s a forest fire just south east of us here. It should be contained by now, but who knows. I actually had to search a little bit for something that covered the situation…they don’t seem to think reporting forest fires as something that’s important in their news. Ah well. I got a picture of the smoke while we were heading down a highway closer to it (closer than San Clemente), so you can see the smoke lightly there, but it’s actually much darker. The phone camera apparently isn’t top quality.

What else…um…I’m tired. I’m sick of work. I haven’t had a proper weekend for 4-5 weeks. Ever since Boomers, actually…I can’t wait until I get home. Then come back and discipline myself to a better schedule.

And we need invoice slips at work. Whoever they order from take, like, 3 frickin weeks, and that’s a long time to be without a pack of invoice slips! That’s a side rant.

Yeah, that’s about it from me. I have to go in to work today, again on my day off, and tomorrow too, dang nabit. *sigh*. So here’s the video for today:

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