Mysterious mysteries

Okay, I’ve caved in to myself – due to my lack of ability to stop this coming out, I warn those who do not wish to know anything Harry Potter that, if they want to remain blissfully ignorant of these matters, they should go away for awhile.

For all you other fans out there, I’m sure you all realise that it’s only 23 days left until the unveiling of the most popular contemporary book…if you haven’t been following the faithfully reliable Mugglenet.com or Veritaserum.com, then what have you been doing? 😉 Barnes and Noble already have over 750,000 preorders of this book, says CEO of the company Steve Riggio, “The Harry Potter series has shattered all records in publishing history, and the enormous amount of pre-orders to date confirm that the latest Harry Potter title will be the most popular yet. In fact, we predict that our pre-orders will top one million.” How often does that happen with books? Just some friendly promotion to remind people how amazingly influencial these creative, well-written books have become.

To look at the Canadian scene a bit more closely, initial Canadian HBP print run is 1.2 million. Raincoast Books, the Canadian publisher of the Harry Potter books, has announced that they will print 1.2 million copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince initially. This is an increase of 200,000 copies over the one million copies of Order of the Phoenix they printed in 2003. Talk about Popularity.

So what do we know about this sixth book in the series? Well, JK Rowling has informed us that there is a strong link between this book, The Half-Blood Prince (HBP), and The Chamber of Secrets, marked by a discovery he made in Chamber that foreshadows events in HBP. We know three chapter titles, “Spinners End” (Chap. 2), “Draco’s Detour” (Chap. 6), and “Felix Felicis” (Chap. 14). There’s a new character called McClaggan, as well as a quote from the new book about a character, “He looked rather like an old lion. There were streaks of grey in his mane of tawny hair and his bushy eyebrows; he had keen yellowish eyes behind a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles and a certain rangy, loping grace even though he walked with a slight limp.” There is still much speculation as to whom this refers to. There will be a new Minister for Magic, which I personally believe is most curious, as the grounds for Fudge’s exit are still shrouded in mystery. These and all verified facts can be found on any reliable Harry Potter fan site and some at Ms. Rowling’s site.

So a question pops up into my mind here: What will you be doing on the 16th of July? At some ravenous Harry Potter party at midnight, waiting with many other fans to wrap your itchy, grubbly fingers around the hardback cover of this book? Will you be toying with the vauge idea that there is something important happening that day? Watching the door for the delivery person to walk up with your precious preordered copy of Harry’s next escape? Sauntering into a bookstore around noon hoping that there will still be copies left over?

Twenty-three days until the next set of mysteries are answered and simultaneously proposed in new and intriguing ways. Twenty-three.


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