I’m USA’d!

Good gravy!
Well, actually, it was good Chinese food. So, I’m currently in Sunnyvale, just south of San Francisco. Brian and I went out for Starbucks (thank God for good coffee) and then for supper at this Chinese place that he likes. It was really tasty, and now I have leftovers! Anyways, my mum and I went to his church for mass at 6pm (I can’t believe it’s Advent already! holy carps!), and then we headed out. It was awesome to meet his church community; they’re all very friendly. Especially this one guy who was very, very hospitable. Brian seems to be doing very well – he showed me where he works, which was totally awesome. A little glimpse into his life down here. I was telling him that it was so weird that we were driving there chatting, and everything felt like it was normal like PG normal, not I’m-in-the-US-San-Francisco-place-that’s-not-PG place. It totally didn’t feel like I was elsewhere to Prince George, even if the road had 3 lanes (not likely in the PG area) and the buildings were different style, but still.

Anyways. Tomorrow we’re doing out final trek to San Clemente, and then I’ll get to figure things out from there! Yay! And I am so very tired right now.

Oi, so I don’t know if anyone’s read Andy’s brief comment there, but it took less than a half hour to obtain my visa. Brian told me his story of how he was refused entry his first time, and that is so totally not what happened to me. At all. It was actually a rather pleasant experience, surprisingly. Thanks everyone for the prayers! They musta had some awesome effect, cause it took no time whatsoever!

I am exhausted, so I will update again once I find another connection. Hope everyone’s doing well! Happy Advent!

Peace be with you all,

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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