I’m leaving on a jet plane

I am counting down 10 hours until the plane is scheduled to take off from Western Canada to arrive in Eastern Canada. 10 hours. That’s a bloody early flight. I already don’t want to wake up. But oh! it’s an adventure! It’s always about this time during the year that I start to get itchy feet and want to go places. I charge this urge to the fact that whilst Adam was in football we travelled south (at least 6 hours south) to tournies every two weeks or so and camped lots. I’ve noticed recently that I’ve really really want to just leave and go places and do stuff.

In other news, I have now (finally) reinstalled Windows on my computer after that stinking virus infiltrated my system. And I’ve got everything (as far as I can remember) up and running mostly the same as before. A few minor changes for the better, but mostly the same.

Irrelevantly, I have two episodes left to watch before I finish season six of Stargate. A new record of three days for a season. Mind, I’d seen the majority of them on the telly and skipped them, but it’s still a new record!

Beyond that, life still progresses at a consistent rate, and there are now 19 days until I change my age officially again. The long and winding road…

So until next time, folks, have a good time doing what you’re doing. And stuff. Peace be with you.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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