It’s exactly 3 weeks until my convocation; I’m pretty excited. Mostly excited just to go back and hang out with the people I spent time with over the last three years, and to have a fair few glasses of wine in celebration with my classmates graduating with me (Barb, Paul: I’m all set). One of the tre cool things: Barb and I are the first graduates of the new option in the Bachelor Program: the Pastoral Option. That means we’ll have a picture all to ourselves! 😉 And we’re also pioneer women in this area, it would indicate. Muahaha, we’re explorers..though on a different level than geographically. Yup, anyways, that’s about it.

So, what else have I been up to? Not a helluva lot (did you know that ‘uva’ is actually an ending in Quenya grammer indicating future tense of a verb?), really. I changed my look a little bit: my lovely friend Lorainne (who used to be a top hairstylist) dyed my hair and styled it, so it’s considerably shorter (though not short, because I don’t like my hair short – it looks like crap) and layered, and has some colour diversity in it now too! I think it looks awesome, and it’s a lot lighter than it used to be now (not to mention I got rid of a lot of split-ends). Yay!

The Mennonite Fair is going on today, and though I haven’t any money (well, I managed to scam five bucks somewhere along the lines this last week), I’m gonna head down there and see what’s going on. A couple of friends are from that church and I’m hoping they’ll be down there helping out so they can tell me what good deals I can get for $5. :D.

I haven’t thought much more about Harry and those reflections, to be honest. Perhaps some of you are thanking me for that, but I will eventually do some more. I’m currently following Sam and Frodo across the lake in Emyn Muil as they sneak away from the rest of the Party, and as this is a borrowed book from a friend, I want to finish it before I move. So all my attention is on the Company until their end. That and trying to pack. I need more bins.

Oh! Donations are still being accepted. Please forward information to my email, which is at the bottom of the main page on this blog.

And lastly, Jackson is doing really well, and within a week he’ll be back here in Prince at the hospital and doing recovery. So yay! Totally the bestest news I got yesterday!

Yup yup. That’s about it. Hope you’re all doing okay n’stuff. Feel free to comment or email me, you know. Despite the fact I’m dealing with dial-up, I’m managing pretty well with online stuff (except I forgo almost all downloads. they really bite on here).

all righty! take care, y’all!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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