Empty Pocketses

I allowed myself to be convinced into buying a laser printer for a fairly cheap price. All right, so it’s probably the cheapest laser I’ll find, I was told. Anyways, the order has been placed and it came to about 140 and 8. I’m sure it will be worth it over time and when I actually start using it, but until then, I have a right to say ‘ouch!’

Yeah. What else. Ooh, I finally got a phone call from my friend Kelly who lives in Ottawa and is currently on intership. It was really good to hear from him, as it had been a good 5 or so months. He said the parish he’s in is really quite the luxury spot, and there is a whole crowd of well-reknowned and prestigious people who attend that church. He said it’s kind of an awkward feel to it, and it’ll take some time getting used to. Otherwise he’s in good health, which is good to hear. I think I might have convinced him to come and visit me at some point while I’m in California.

I was hoping to go hiking today up to the cutbanks and to … oh that place with the cliff by the train..anyway. one day i’ll think of it.

That’s about all the news here, folks! Tune in next time, same Jane-time, same Jane-blog!

Peace, y’all.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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