Blasted Speakers!

So apparently when my computer speakers were accidently knocked off my table, the volume control somehow broke connection or something with the main something-or-other, and my speakers now do not work. The headphone jack works fine, can listen to everything that way, but my speakers just don’t work anymore. Adam’s been trying for the last half hour to open the bloody thing up, but there are no screws to open up. It’s some sort of clip system that doesn’t like opening and would rather be smashed open than any other means…oh..there he goes with the hammer again. Filthy things. Stupid speakers. I’m a little pissed off. And the logitech website offers no help.

Yup, that’s my morning so far. Grrrrr.

Edit: The speaker problem has been (rather ruefully) fixed. Indeed, it would seem that the speakers have not a clip to stay together, but rather are glued together. Yes, glued. Thus the recalcitrant speaker was pried apart, dismembered, fixed (as best possible), and sardonically hot-glued back together, a laughing mockery of its original state.

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