Yarn Along


I continue with the scarf for my mom, whose birthday is well past now. We’ve been hit with a sickness for the past week and a half and all of us have been pretty low energy. Hopefully by the end of the week we’ll have ourselves back to normal. That may be a high hope, though.

Last week we visited the diocesan library and got out a few books (I’ll admit, we did this Ash Wednesday when we forgot to bring books for Spencer for the Mass). The Weight of a Mass: A Tale of Faith was one of them, and I dearly love the story.

Hoping to post about our weekend adventures tomorrow! They include a custom wine rack (by an amazing husband) and new shelves and my sewing machine!

Yarn Along


I am thrilled that I finished Spencer’s sweater for his birthday, with only a minor adjustment. I’m now working on my mom’s birthday gift (which comes ridiculously close to Spencer’s), which is a scarf. I love the wool – Illimani Yarn, Silky Baby Llama (70% baby llama, 30% mulberry silk). Oh, it’s divine to work with. I’m almost jealous that I’m giving it away, which means it’s a great gift! I’m also using a herringbone stitch, which takes more effort than straight purl or knit stitch, but I love the effect. It’s slow process, mostly because I keep making mistakes in the stitch and have to unknit half a row to find the problem, but it’s turning out nicely.

I’m reading Home Made. It’s a fun cookery book that has some great ideas in it. We are hoping to try a few cheese recipes! The author also has a couple follow up books – Home Made Winter and a Summer one too that I didn’t know about (good ole’ amazon).

Yarn Along



I have nearly finished Spencer’s sweater. To the left of the photograph are 3 of the 4 parts I need for his sweater. I’m so excited to get this project done and see how it looks and fits! For a first-time big project, I feel that this may roughly be a success! The mitts I made Kate turned out with very few minor glitches, and now the sweater. I’m thrilled at being able to produce more than just scarves!!

We have been reading Timothy Cox Will Not Change His Socks over the past few weeks; it’s a great book for little boys, and I find it entertaining to read again and again too.

IMG_1052A little cutie photo

Yarn Along

IMG_1010Kate’s finished mitts

While I don’t have a photo with my knitting and a book, I’m slowly reading through a few books that I’ve had to renew a couple of times from the library. The one I’m most keen about is Countdown Calendars. I’m hoping to make a calendar for this year’s Advent (it will likely take all year to do) that Spencer and Cassia can play with.

I’m still working on the sweater for Spencer and hoping I can have it done by his birthday.

Yarn Along

IMG_0995This is the book my sister-in-law gave me. The second project in it is Spencer’s sweater.

This week I continue to work on Kate’s mitts – I’ve just started the second one. And I cast on for Spencer’s sweater. I have high hopes to have it ready for his birthday on Feb. 1, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get it done. I also have a secret project I’m working on for someone who reads this blog, so I’ll post that once that person receives it. The yarn for that one is to-die-for!

Yarn for the sweater is Aran with Wool by Stylecraft. Yarn for the mitts can be found at my previous Yarn Along.

In other news, Cassia goes for her 3 month check up this afternoon. Wish us luck!