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Recent Adventures

Well, even though it’s been awhile since we’ve been updating, we have been busy! Adam & Myrica came for a short visit in April right before Easter, and we have a great time with them. However, I apparently forgot to use our camera during their stay, so we have no photo diary of that visit. We did have cake though, as it was Adam’s birthday. And Adam actually tried and ate Thai Coconut Lime Chicken. Just the chicken, mind, not the sauce, but he still ate it. This is a huge turn of events coming from hot dog and mac-n-cheese boy. Congrats Adam!

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Darned Taxes

It didn’t seem too out of the ordinary. I filed my final US taxes in February, expecting like last year, that they would be efficient in giving my money back to me. While the State of California had no problems with this and sent me a cheque in a respectable amount of time, the Federal income tax people took until mid-August to even acknowledge to me that they received my tax information. Not only that, but they required further verification that I was still the same person that I was when I filed my taxes, latest by August 31st. Continue reading

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