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A Long-Expected Update

I have to admit, I am unsure what has happened over the past few months. Suddenly I had absolutely no desire to update our website, and poof, just like that, nothing happened. Odd how that happens, isn’t it? However, I … Continue reading

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The Most Terrible Sleep

So last night Andy and I had the worst sleep ever. Well, maybe not completely ever, but it’s sure drained us. There is a problem. The apartment building is getting on in its age, fair enough. We noticed that the windows do not seal properly – there is condensation between the double panelling proving moisture gets in. We noted on one other night this same conclusion because the wind permeated the window through cracks because it is not properly sealed, and in the process, would rattle the window as it did so really badly. The whole night. Continue reading

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It’s Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas…

It may have been over a month since we updated, but that just means we’ve been extra-busy. Right? Well, we haven’t been short of adventures, at any rate. There has been a lot that’s happened, especially in the last couple of weeks here.

We’ve pretty much finished Christmas shopping for Andy’s side of the family. That was in part because we knew we’d be in Regina last weekend for Walter’s wedding, and we could bring as many as possible at that time. Just a few stocking stuffers left, and we’ll have half the Christmas shopping done!

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New Thoughts

Well well, it’s been busy!
I have a bike! Yes, on a Friday in the recent past, I bought a bike. WEEEEEE!!! Well, currently it’s sitting locked up outside. When we bought it, the people working in the store that day did not give the impression that they knew what they were talking about with the bike (we asked for recommendations on certain additions, like racks, lights, etc. they just told us what items they had, and pointed in the general direction of others), so we just took it with the idea we’d go back during the day and hopefully encounter someone a little more knowledgeable. Hopefully that day is today, my friends! And I’ll try to take Andy’s bike in for some TLC. It’s in a bit of rough shape.
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