It’s an odd word, isn’t it? It’s also slang. But the definition aptly describes my last year: to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination. I feel like I’m being led by God down this path of ‘trust me’ and I just so very much have no idea where that destination is going to end up.

Some people take it upon themselves to select a word for the new year. Last year, I chose the word ‘Gift’. I think it was mostly reflective of the future. It was a gift of a year – a big gift was a trip to Mexico, also a gift of a story, and some great training for a program. It was also a hard year – homeschooling Grade 1 and doing some preschool with Cassia in addition to enrolling Spencer in karate (and already in Beavers) and Cassia in other extra curriculars, and running a children’s program twice a week at the church, shocked my system quite a bit in September/October. And it wasn’t until late November that I felt we were beginning to manage ourselves in a way that was getting things done. Not quite flying by the seat of our pants anymore.

It just so happened that the last day of my children’s program I came down with a flu. It turned into bronchitis and viral-induced asthma (I had no idea such things could happen), and each of the family has gotten sick in their turn. What was meant to be a recoup and rest time from a hectic autumn schedule turned into survival mode, in many ways. I’m so very, very thankful my mom was here over Christmas break, as it gave another set of hands to help and have fun with, even through the misery of sickness. Since she’s been gone, it seems either Andy and I have been sleeping in shifts, hardly seeing each other most days. Spencer gained tonsillitis from the sickness, and now we’re waiting to see if the girls or Andy develop anything further. I suspect both Andy and Felicity might end up with a secondary infection.

So it has been a hard holiday in that while we rested, it was for survival, not revival.  As luck would have it, we’re now about a week behind my school schedule for Spencer, which is completely alterable thanks to homeschooling. It would have been nice to start according to my plan, but it’s definitely more important for us to get better and start well. We did a bit of music appreciation the other day, which was fun, learning a bit about the difference between major and minor chords and its affect on how we perceive the music. We’ll be starting a unit on dogs too, once we’re well enough. And even more thankful that we have access to probiotics to help us get back to full health, and not just eliminating the illness.

I’ve also delayed the start up of my children’s program, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, because I just simply can’t even begin to think about preparing for the sessions yet. It makes me sad, but I really need to limit the stress lest I succumb to sickness again. Isn’t it unfortunate that when we’re stressed our immune system seems to be the first to go? Speaking of which, I’ll be loading up on probiotics once I’m finished my course of antibiotics here. I really hate using antibiotics, but I am eternally thankful we have the medicine when we need it and when it’s used appropriately.

So this year, for 2017, I’m going to continue with this trend of purposefully traveling to a vague destination, and use coddiwomple as my word for the year. I’m curious how my year will end up, and I’m looking forward to this journey, one way or another.

And I used the saint name generator again this year, and St. Josephine Bakhita is my saint for the year. She’s promised to intercede for those who ask her when she’s in heaven, so I’m certain we’ll become the very best of friends. 🙂

Seven Quick Takes #7QT: Turkey, Potter, and New Year’s


We are ending this year on a BANG with illnesses all around. Both yesterday and the day before Andy went to bed with the kids. At 7pm. And last night my mum was gone, so I was all by my onesie.


Inadvertently and not at all connected, I found that Netflix has a fireplace video feed. But it’s not just one fireplace “show”. It’s “Fireplace For Your Home Birchwood Edition.”

Just let that sink in. Birchwood edition. *what’s the difference?*

There is also the ‘classic’ which I can only assume is non-birch, and the other one which has music as well.

Peeps, I’ve got choices. I only wish I had found this before Christmas. Maybe tomorrow i’ll be risque and use the one with music.


I bought myself a new toy. It’d be shiny except that it’s white and chrome coloured, and more matte. But new.

You see, I have grand plans. And if they fall through, then I can record myself singing all the Draco and the Malfoys that I could ever want. Then I’ll put them in a file for my kids to deal with when I die. Wouldn’t that be a surprise.

“Why is mom singing this wretched strange music? I mean, I know she liked the Harry Potter books, but she sounds like a cat drowning. Whatever that sounds like.”



Speaking of Potter, my grand plan for the year is to reread the whole series. I’m quite thrilled with the idea, as it’s been years since I’ve read the whole thing through. But oh – that last book…it kills me reading it toward the end. I love Lord of the Rings (books!) but they have nothing on the emotion this last book puts me through, in all its redeeming denouement.


We have almost finished up the last of our turkey from Christmas. I’m both thrilled and sad. Thrilled because most years we are home I get sick of it or don’t have the energy to make delicious turkey meals. However, this year I did have energy, so we enjoyed turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pie, and turkey soup (sooooo good!). I’m sad cause I love me a good meal, and this turkey’s done us well.


New Years.

We have absolutely no plans for New Year’s celebrations outside of the home. It reflects an unfortunate social state (as I think most parents of young children also can attest to), but I’m content ’cause then I can just pajama my way through the night. Also, the family is sick and unlikely to get better by Saturday night, so it’s best we only infect ourselves.

We are planning to eat appies all late afternoon through the kids’ “midnight” (thank you king Julien on Netflix for this wonderful party of a deception) and up to midnight, if we can make it that long. Which I doubt. But if we’re feeling up to it, we’ll have a rowdy game of StarCraft as per our norm. Though without Fr. Darryl this year, as he’s apparently got himself a social calendar this New Year’s with a friend who’s back from Rome for a bit.


One day Andy and I might be social again. Or at least I will be. I think Andy would forever like to hide in a room with a computer.


Strange question: Can illness make someone sleep talk? I mentioned that Andy’s been sick like the kids, but last night, when he had a fever, he could not stop sleep talking which is totally and completely not his norm. And this guy’s suffered from insomnia, so he knows lack of sleep and it’s never been and issue of sleep talking because of lack of sleep. But really. I had to excuse myself for the evening and play Goldilocks between a different bed and a couch before I could find peace. And I won’t go into details about the children’s inability to remain asleep. The poor sickies. And tired mama. 

Seriously, though, can illness induce sleep talking? I’m so perplexed.

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Despite It All

Despite our turn of ill health, we had our own version of high tea here yesterday. The kids ate crustless sandwiches, drank tea from fancy cups (I only had two), and enjoyed crumpets with jam and whipped cream for dessert. They loved it. And they learned all about manners. High Tea manners. To which they promptly disregarded mostly, but still, it was there. We had a great time and I think it should become a Nana tradition to have “High Tea” whenever she comes (yes, mum?). Will need to find a better source of bread and crumpets, though. Or perhaps make scones.

And in the health department, we are still struggling. Somehow everyone but me has contracted a second virus, one that causes a high fever. Cassia seems to be taking the brunt of it right now – hoping it will clear up very soon. Poor girl 🙁 Though it seems to be affecting Spencer’s sleep and he’s waking up in night terrors again, which is no fun for anyone. The kids are definitely getting many opportunities to watch their new Cat.Chat shows during the day, at any rate.

And in other news, tomorrow is a very merry Christmas for Andy and I…

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.

What I Wore Sunday #whatiworesunday

The purpose of the linkup is to share what you wore for Sunday church so we can all get some outfit ideas and just share in each others’ joy of attending church!

Join me and many others’ at Fine Linen and Purple‘s

whatiworeIMG_1488Hardly the most flattering picture, but today is not my day for pictures, it would seem.

Dress & sweater: Reitmans (years ago)
Hairband (fascinator, as others say): a market in Victoria, years ago
Jewelry: Reitmans

And in my defense, socks were not visible while I was wearing my boots. I had been hoping that it would be nice enough to forgo the socks and wear some cute shoes, but it was bloody cold outside and I nearly froze my fingers off scraping the windshield.

IMG_1490Hand-me-down shirt and some black pants that were a birthday gift.

Cassia didn’t get dressed up today; she stayed home with Andy, who is sick.

I love Palm Sunday. Spencer’s been looking forward to Mass today because we’ve been reading him the story of when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey (colt). He was quite pleased to have a palm branch and proudly waved it around during the entrance into the church and hung out in the aisle while others were filing in, waving his branch around and making sure everyone saw him doing it. But he did get bored with the gospel reading. I don’t blame him. For a 3 year old, he did amazingly well. Overall in our prayer times (and outside of them too, come to think of it), he is surprisingly clever at remembering the things we talk about. Andy and I debated for a very short period how we should introduce the topic of Jesus dying and then rising. It didn’t last long though – we believe that the story speaks itself well and he has heard the biblical (not children’s) story of it. He has heard Jesus talking about going to Jerusalem to die (in the readings). He is curious about death – an innocent curiosity by one who has not felt the “sting” of death. I wonder how long that will last for. Hopefully quite awhile.

Bishop Don celebrated the liturgy with us; I love his homilies. He referred to Palm Sunday as the liturgy that kind of takes him by the scruff of the neck and throws him into Holy Week, whether he wants to or is ready for it or not. It’s true – we hear the story of Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem through to his condemnation and his death on the cross. There’s no beating around the bush about it – we are here to celebrate for a reason and this week is a whole reminder of that reason. We’ll hear this reading again on Friday but with more finality.

Oh, how I love the liturgies of Holy Week. Sombre, reflective, painful. But full of hope. Around the corner, there is a light shining. Only one more mile of this race left. Exhausted, we endure to experience that light, knowing it will not fail us.

Family Day Long Weekend

Our long weekend was different than most other people’s this time around. Andy works on Sundays for the next few months, so he took Thursday – Saturday off instead. Turns out that Spencer and I caught bad colds somewhere along the way and were reasonably miserable starting Friday. So it turned out that Andy, indeed, caught it along with Cassia, and he ended up needing to take yesterday and Tuesday off as sick days. We are slowly recovering, but none of us are in full spirits yet.

Us being sick over the weekend did not prevent him from finishing up our fabled-until-now custom made wine rack! You truly have no idea how excited I am for this sucker. It has wheels! We are guesstimating that it can hold 100 wine bottles and 3 boxes of wine. Stellar! We just have to find a staple gun to attach some grip stuff to the pillars so that the wine doesn’t slip, then it’ll be done! Huzzah! I plan on painting it this summer, which will definitely be a crazy project, but will be well worth it. What colour do you think it should be?IMG_1245

I was determined this weekend to clear off my sewing machine table, remove the old and put in the new. I even did it successfully! However, in doing so, all the junk crafting materials that were piled on the table were redistributed throughout the floor. So, I asked Andy if he could help me to put up the final installment of shelves that were meant for my sewing stuff. And like the awesome husband that he is, he put them up for me! So now my sewing stuff is no longer strewn upon the floor or in messy piles on my sewing table – it is properly up on shelves now! I’m scouring pinterest for ideas on what I can do for underneath the shelves that’s creative, inspiring, and practical. Haven’t found anything yet. Ideas?IMG_1251I’m so excited for my new space! It’s never felt so clean and tidy in here! I’m so itching to get into it and sew something, but I have a couple non-sewing projects on the go right now and I can’t find the time to set aside to learn this new fangled contraption. Maybe this weekend I can find that time I need.

I’m just so thrilled at how productive this weekend was, despite being miserable and sick. At least it wasn’t the stomach flu. We are thankful for our blessings. How was your weekend?