Yarn Along


I continue with the scarf for my mom, whose birthday is well past now. We’ve been hit with a sickness for the past week and a half and all of us have been pretty low energy. Hopefully by the end of the week we’ll have ourselves back to normal. That may be a high hope, though.

Last week we visited the diocesan library and got out a few books (I’ll admit, we did this Ash Wednesday when we forgot to bring books for Spencer for the Mass). The Weight of a Mass: A Tale of Faith was one of them, and I dearly love the story.

Hoping to post about our weekend adventures tomorrow! They include a custom wine rack (by an amazing husband) and new shelves and my sewing machine!

Yarn Along


I am thrilled that I finished Spencer’s sweater for his birthday, with only a minor adjustment. I’m now working on my mom’s birthday gift (which comes ridiculously close to Spencer’s), which is a scarf. I love the wool – Illimani Yarn, Silky Baby Llama (70% baby llama, 30% mulberry silk). Oh, it’s divine to work with. I’m almost jealous that I’m giving it away, which means it’s a great gift! I’m also using a herringbone stitch, which takes more effort than straight purl or knit stitch, but I love the effect. It’s slow process, mostly because I keep making mistakes in the stitch and have to unknit half a row to find the problem, but it’s turning out nicely.

I’m reading Home Made. It’s a fun cookery book that has some great ideas in it. We are hoping to try a few cheese recipes! The author also has a couple follow up books – Home Made Winter and a Summer one too that I didn’t know about (good ole’ amazon).