7 Quick Takes Friday

This is the first time I’m doing this, though I’ve thought about it a great deal. Thanks to Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary who hosts.

1. I have been so tired and yucky feeling that I have not taken a photo in over a week. This first trimester stuff really works one over! I am extremely grateful that it means that the pregnancy is going exactly as it should, but I sure could use a break from being so tired, even with all the added naps.

2. I am going to Ottawa in just over a week! Going for a conference for work, and a few extra days to spend with friends and family. I am very much looking forward to being in that beautiful city again!

3. I have an over-tired little boy right now who is fighting not to sleep. Andy’s keeping a steady watch over him just outside the door. I keep hearing, in a warning voice, ‘Spencer….’ I guess that’s what happens when we don’t look terribly hard for a babysitter on a night when we both have activities at the church (he supervised Andy’s group this evening).

4. I am hoping to take a few teens to a Jesse Manibusan day in Regina in November. And by me saying, ‘I am hoping’ I really mean that I’ll tag along Andy taking these teens. Or whomever will be covering for me while on mat. leave. Super excited at that prospect!

5. Our recently new neighbours are not family people. I think they’re 3 roommates. Kate calls them ‘hoodlums’. They play their music really loud. Up until just this moment, they hadn’t played loud music past 10pm. Apparently tonight is the night they defy their previous boundary. I hope it doesn’t end up in one of us making a trip over there to tell them to turn it down, cause I hate confrontation, even when it’s necessary.

6. I get my day off tomorrow! A whole day free to myself, and it’s supposed to blizzard! Planning on having coffee with a friend in the AM, so hopefully the weather holds out. I am hoping to also complete the baby project that I started for Adam, Myrica and their babe over a month ago. Now that the sweet girl’s been born, it feels wrong to procrastinate it longer.

7. I have been so cold lately! It seems no matter what, I have long periods of time that no matter what I do, I cannot get warm :S. I’m blaming the pregnancy, but I -so- do not remember this with Spencer.


I have started reading the classic Dracula. I think I started it at the worst time of the day – evening. Not even early evening, but late (as in 10pm). The first portion of the book is a journal entry of a poor man who finds himself entangled in Dracula’s web. It’s rather creepy. Thankfully it has now moved on to a scene in England, where there are more people. It’s funny how when a main character is surrounded by people, even in a story, it seems to bring more relief to the reader even when they’re in danger than when the main character is locked away lonesome, in terror, and awaiting the inevitable.Have any of you read Dracula?

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Spud these days.

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Has this ever happened to you with a frozen pizza? Most bizarre…

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He has taken to moving his chair by himself all the way up to the ‘better view,’ as I’m sure he’d call it if he could. We’ve now unplugged the TV, as he usually turns it on when he thinks it’s time for ‘t-d! t-d!’ (which used to be called ‘d-d! d-d!’)

Here’s a teaser for my Project Tuesday post. Any guesses as to what’s brewing?
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Project Tuesday

I’ve decided to spur on my own projects. Tuesdays I’ll post what project I’m working on with a little description of what’s going on. Be forewarned: I may not progress on projects every week, but I do hope to post about them every week! Or I might just take on something new…

First project: I made myself a jewelry hanger. I bought some cheap-ish fabric and some wood dowels (is that even the proper way to use that word? First time, folks…) and voila!  Well, I may have hung onto the fabric and the wood for a few weeks before deciding to actually do anything with them. This is sort-of what it looks like:

You might noticed the large blank area above the earring holder; that’s where the necklaces will eventually go. The picture on the left is the necklace holders that I’m attempting to make. They’ll be folded again and sewed across, then pulled through to make a cord type looking thing (which will eventually have a button and a button hole to hold the necklaces). In retrospect, there are easier ways to do that, but when I had an hour to work on it my first thought was just ‘get it done!’ not ‘think it through!’ You might be able to tell that things weren’t thought through by the non-symmetrical lining up of fabrics and sides. No matter, I can hang stuff!

Second project: (no picture yet) I made legwarmers! I actually just finished them last week and I’m working on another pair now, so that’s my second on-the-go project. I’m hoping to knit Spencer a stocking while in Regina next week with my sister-in-law, who I regard as very experienced in the knitting department. Very excited!

What are you working on? Do you have projects that take forever too?