7 Quick Takes Friday #7qt

7_quick_takes_sm1  1.

Cutest. Picture. Ever.

IMG_2543Yes, her onesie does say ‘sweet cheeks’

Spencer has taken to hiding out in this cupboard. He calls it his ‘California Bus’. I don’t think he rightly knows what (or where) California is. However, it is definitely his bus, and does he ever go places. Cassia likes to try to join him. Mostly he protests. Needless to say, this area of the kitchen is hardly ever clean anymore. IMG_2541

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New fence. Day 4 & 5.

Habemus fencum! We have a fence!

Well, mostly. The fence part is done, but we haven’t touched the gate yet. I must say, it looks pretty spiffy. I can’t really pretend that I did it all, but at least I didn’t injure myself (yet).

Work in progress:
IMG_2425 resizedIMG_2422 resized

Spencer supervising like a boss. He did the buckle up by himself:

And the result:
IMG_2434 resizedIMG_2435 resizedIMG_2433 resized

It still lacks a gate. That’s the next step. Jane is reviewing designs. Hopefully it will be done within a couple days (the gate, not just looking at designs).

New fence. Day 3.

Progress! I dub today “post day.”

Largely thanks to my dad’s awesome +5 Post Hole Digger of Awesomeness, we got all the post holes dug and the posts installed. Woot, I say. Woot.

And on top of that we started getting the rails installed. End product:
IMG_2417 resizedIMG_2418 resized

I’m quite pleased with the progress. We’ll see how tomorrow shapes up. Currently they’re calling for rain. Boo.

Cost today: -$20. (returned unused cement, bought more screws)
Cost so far: $950.

New fence. Day 2.

An unexciting but very productive day. My parents arrived (after some overturned-gravel-truck induced delays) along with their post hole digger. Woo!

So we removed the smaller posts (very easy), and dug one of the holes. Looks like there’s about 6″ of sand & gravel (boo), but it’s good digging past that.

And we bought all the materials, and even got one of the corner posts put up and cemented in. 1 down, 8 to go!

Cost today: $795.
Cost so far: $970.

New fence. Day 1.

So, we wanted to build a shed…

That was the original plan. Then we looked at the yard to figure out where to put it. The yard isn’t huge, so we figured it should go behind the fence in the driveway area. But then it will be vandalized. So we need to expand the back yard, enclosing part of the driveway, and put the shed in there. And therefore, we are now building a fence (and learning as we go).

Day 1. We have a short fence along one side. We need to take that out. And I need tools for that: sledge hammer, wrecking bar, and a better drill (for the overall project).

And for fun, we have a massive weed garden which also needs to be dealt with…

Before starting:
IMG_2406 resizedIMG_2407 resizedIMG_2408 resizedIMG_2409 resized

End of day 1:
IMG_2415 resized
I didn’t get the posts removed yet, but I’m pleased so far.

Cost so far: $175ish.