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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. It’s lovely to be back in Ottawa! I’m so thankful to be here, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the things that I missed (poutine!)(buses!). I miss my boys, and I’m sorry that they can’t be here with me. I think … Continue reading

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The view from here

I stitched together a panorama using Hugin. I’m fairly happy with how it turned out. Apparently when it attempted to automatically find common points between the various pictures it, um, failed. The panorama program spent half an hour trying to somehow make those points actually match up before basically turning to me and saying, “um, dude, you’re wrong.” At least it tried.

Second attempt is much better 🙂

Panorama from our apartment.
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Nice house!

Aaaah, it’s unfortuante to be so poor. Well, relatively speaking. For whatever reason, I got to looking at properties in Rockland, On., which is east of Ottawa. About a 25 minute drive for Andy to Hammond, and there are shuttle buses from Rockland to Ottawa. Only $159, 900. And though I have no idea what the neighbourhood is like, it seems like a reasonable price. Continue reading

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We went on another adventure on Monday, spur of the moment! After working on our finances for a good couple of hours (blech!), we decided to go for a walk in the midst of downtown Ottawa – parliament! It was a nice day outside, -7 with the wind chill, clear blue skies, and mostly clear walkways! We didn’t do too much, just wandered around the buildings and statues, but we did take some pictures.
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Winterlude Pictures!

Well, I finally got around to uploading the pictures from the weekend. They’ll give you a quick idea of the place, and it was just around Confederation Park that we took most of the pictures. We basically forgot we brought the camera to the rest of the canal too. Ah well. We’re not sure what the state of Winterlude will be this weekend (it’s a 3 week celebration), as it’s currently raining, which will make the canal dangerous to be on. Most of the activities take place on the canal. Anyway. Here’s a few for you to enjoy!

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Living it Up

This post may be a wee late in coming, but WE MADE IT! Currently we are living, eating, breathing and smelling Ottawa.
We had nearly no problems on the drive, we had anticipated arriving Wednesday into Ottawa, but bad weather from North Bay prevented us from making it the whole way, so we rested in Pembroke. It was close to blizzarding out there and had a very hard time seeing the road when there was traffic (which was often). So Thursday it was that we were slated to arrive in Ottawa, and arrive we did.
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We have decided unanimously: packing sucks.
Adam – you wanted a blog about our progress? Well how ’bout this – why the crap aren’t you here packing our stuff with us? Then we could get some sleep. And not be deprived. Ha ha – don’t drink and derive. That was off topic. Um. I’m tired. I want a magic wand that I can wave and cry, ‘Pack!’ and it packs. My wand doesn’t do that. I think it might be cheap-o.

There’s the update. We may try to update again when we’re a little more sane and less stressed and tired.

Hope you’re all well! Continue reading

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