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Prairie Driving

Well, we’re on Day 3 officially today, heading out to Winnipeg from Regina. The roads from Edmonton to Regina were great on Friday. We attempted to go visit Andy’s grandparents in Truax (south-west of Regina), got 10 minutes out of town and couldn’t see the road anymore because there was so much drifting snow. It was actually kind of freaky when big semi trucks would appear out of what seemed like nowhere only 10 feet in front of you. Thankfully they were on their side of the road still. We took video of it right before it got bad, and hopefully will post it once we get it off the camera. Continue reading

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We have decided unanimously: packing sucks.
Adam – you wanted a blog about our progress? Well how ’bout this – why the crap aren’t you here packing our stuff with us? Then we could get some sleep. And not be deprived. Ha ha – don’t drink and derive. That was off topic. Um. I’m tired. I want a magic wand that I can wave and cry, ‘Pack!’ and it packs. My wand doesn’t do that. I think it might be cheap-o.

There’s the update. We may try to update again when we’re a little more sane and less stressed and tired.

Hope you’re all well! Continue reading

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