Second Last Monday

We have a full week ahead of us this week, which is our very last week as residents of Ottawa. We are, however, including lots of fun in this last week as well! Today we are going to Calypso Water Park for the day with both Darryl (who is visiting) and Kat. I loved it last summer, even though it was a horribly cold day, so I’m looking forward to being there in nice weather. The nice weather does mean it will be much busier than last we visited though.

Saturday we will be taking a trip with my mom (who arrives the same day that Darryl leaves) and Andy’s cousin and his family to Montreal for the day. We are so excited to be going with his cousin’s family, as they know the city so well and will be great guides for us to see the best things we can in one day.

Our place is about halfway packed up. We are making good progress, though I feel as if it won’t be enough until everything is in the moving truck and gone.

We celebrated Canada Day with some time downtown at Major’s Hill Park where the Chicken Farmers of Canada hosted the events in the park and provided food (which you had to pay for). Apparently every year they create a new chicken sandwich for the Canada Day festivities. This year it was a Royal Gala Sandwich, which honestly tasted like a chicken burger, and not much else. However, I liked supporting them 🙂

Not much else, except photos! Enjoy.

[singlepic id=1190 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Trying on Mama’s hats

[singlepic id=1192 w=320 h=240 float=center]

[singlepic id=1193 w=320 h=240 float=center]

[singlepic id=1194 w=320 h=240 float=center]

My, has someone outgrown a hat?

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Playing at a park

[singlepic id=1198 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Last visit with Sr. Sheila – BBQ and storm watching!

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Party at Major’s Hill Park

[singlepic id=1202 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Darryl with Parliament in the background



It’s a hot one outside! The past couple of days have been really warm; we had been hoping to not need our air conditioner before leaving Ottawa. However, Monday changed that and that evening we installed the window unit once again. It gets our room really nice and cold, cools down the other bedrooms, and dehumidifies the rest of the place, giving the illusion of it being cooler.

I took just over a week off from blogging. I truly meant to write, but it just didn’t happen. We were in Waterloo for most of the week; Andy had a conference and I stayed with family, and we both had a great time. Andy joined us on Saturday afternoon and we headed back to Ottawa Sunday morning. On the way down Spencer had his first real throw-up about 2 minutes from our destination. I fear we fed him too much in the car after lunch. He signed ‘pain’ which unfortunately looks almost identical to ‘more.’ *sigh* The trip back up to Ottawa was much better.

We have handed in our rent termination notice. I have a mover coming in Friday morning to do a visual estimate. I bought two bundles of 25 boxes from U-Haul. Our DVDs are packed. Yet still it’s not quite hitting me that we are leaving Ottawa in just over a month.

Anyone interested in helping us pack? I might be able to swing some baking or fresh tortillas for you.

Spencer is walking everywhere now. Except when he’s in his sandals. He doesn’t like them much, so he crawls more in them. However, his crawling is definitely less than 40% of the time now. So growed up!

We had his 15 month check up just the other day (though he’s 16 months today). If you have kids, how many words were they saying at 15 months? Spencer can say a few but he chooses not to a lot of the time. Even said, he doesn’t have a lot of words he can say. In the past he has said ‘all done’ ‘amen’ ‘ma ma’ ‘da da’ ‘hi’. He doesn’t use them much of the time, except ma ma, da da & hi. And how much difference is there between first born children and others, and boys and girls? Our doctor was a little concerned he wasn’t saying anything, though said the language evaluation was more at 18 months. All I can think of is ‘Gee, give the kid a break!’ but should I be worried? I have noticed at every check up for him that on the ‘list’ he is usually about a month behind in at least one, sometimes two of the items. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

Anyway, will be updating more often now, at least until the packing starts taking up too much energy. Enjoy the photos!

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Playing with the cousins’ toys.

[singlepic id=1162 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Playing on the deck today. ‘Look what I found mum! Garbage! Want it?’

[singlepic id=1164 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I spent my time on the deck blowing bubbles. It was crazy windy!

[singlepic id=1166 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The view I will so very much miss.

[singlepic id=1167 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Like all little children, Spencer, pasta, and pasta sauce equal disaster.


Helloooooooo Saskatchewaaaaan!

Today is May 21st. According to one set of Christian (arguable) traditions (which only started a couple months ago), the world is meant to start ending today. I don’t believe it.

However, we are moving to Saskatoon this summer. I am extremely happy to announce that we have been offered the jobs of Coordinator of Youth Ministries and Coordinator of Faith Development for Holy Family Parish in Saskatoon! Hurrah!

Will bring more news of this as we further discussions with the pastor, but our hope is that we will be moving mid-July. Thank you to everyone for all your prayers for us these past months! We’ve appreciated your support tons! We’re having pizza, ice cream, and a nice, cool bottle of white wine to celebrate!

In Spencer news (and I’ll tell you this just happened during the writing of the second paragraph of this post), he can now climb onto the couch. Looks like we’ve lost another ‘safe’ place to store non-Spencer-friendly items.

And in other news, we had a crazy storm here Friday night. It was super awesome.

[singlepic id=1153 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Crazy storm

[singlepic id=1154 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Spencer after climbing up onto the couch and finding ‘prizes’

Woohoo Waterloo!

Isn’t that a cheesy title? Yeah, I’m proud of that one :).
So we are currently visiting family in Waterloo – our first official trip in the Ontario region! There are a ton of wineries on the way down. We’re going to try to keep track of the wineries we pass on the way home. Visit them later on. And apparently Sleemans has a brewery just up the road from where we’re visiting, which is also pretty sweet. We’ll have to check that out sometime. Probably not on this trip, but definitely sometime soon.
So things are definitely going well for us so far – we’ve moved all our stuff into our apartment. Okay, Andy moved the stuff into the apartment with the movers while I was happily lazing in Langley. However, I am mostly unpacking. Things are going slow primarily because the property manager hadn’t managed to get any repairs/maintenance done on our unit before we moved in. So we hope that they’re finally finished now, and we can have full use of our apartment from this point on.
The cable still hasn’t been cut from the previous tenants, so we’ve been taking advantage of that. Watch, now that I’ve said that, when we get back it’ll be gone :(. Ah well, it’s a nice free luxury while we get it.
Not much else has been going on. I really enjoy working at the Reitmans in St. Laurent, they’re great people and part time is enough time in retail for me.
Over all, we’re doing pretty good getting settled. Hopefully we’ll get everything unpacked and set up soon – one of the bigger problems we’ve noticed is that none of the rooms except the dining room and kitchen have light fixtures, so we have to purchase them to light up the rooms. Before daylight savings time happened, it got pretty dark quickly and we had no lamps in the rooms to unpack by. However, we now have more light in the evenings and we have 2 lights in our bedroom now too (thanks to an Ikea sale) that we can move around. At any rate, we’ll get to unpacking. Apart from lights, we’ll need bookshelves sometime relatively soon. I’m hoping to start a 3 year summer program this year, and I’ll need some room to unload my books for it.
Anyway, that’s our quick update from here in Waterloo. We’ll be back Monday or Tuesday to unpack more of our mess. Hope you’re well!

Living it Up

This post may be a wee late in coming, but WE MADE IT! Currently we are living, eating, breathing and smelling Ottawa.
We had nearly no problems on the drive, we had anticipated arriving Wednesday into Ottawa, but bad weather from North Bay prevented us from making it the whole way, so we rested in Pembroke. It was close to blizzarding out there and had a very hard time seeing the road when there was traffic (which was often). So Thursday it was that we were slated to arrive in Ottawa, and arrive we did.
We are staying with Andy’s cousin and family, who have graciously offered room for us for the month of February while we wait for our accommodations, and it has been really good. We are close to where we will be living, have started seeking out various services we will be needing and making contact (chiropractor, dentist, etc). I’ll have to head in to St. Paul’s University soon to get some more information and generally establish contact.
Andy seems to be enjoying himself at his job so far. It is a good 30-40 minute drive from here, but very pretty and quaint. His first day with the students is today, but he’ll have to write about his own experience for an update there.
Other than that, we are doing well. Thank you to everyone who voiced prayers on our behalf, we sure appreciate(d) them. We’ll keep reporting from our ventured here. I’ll make an attempt to upload some pictures. For the most part, they are up on facebook for those who are enrolled. Thanks again!