Easter Wednesday

We had an absolutely gorgeous day today! It may have rained some early morning, but from about 8-3pm it was beautiful, dry, and even extremely sunny for long periods of time! I had my mom’s group this AM and it was our last hurrah at Corinne’s place as her babe’s due in 3 weeks, so we had a potluck after our chat, for which I made fresh (yummy!) tortillas and brought along cheese, meat, and salsa to fill them with. Hurrah for tasty foods….strangely, most people brought sweets, which makes me wonder if as a group we seem to have a sweet tooth…so I had a great fill of tasty treats with lunch. Or perhaps I should say I had some real food on the side of the treats? At any rate, I think one of the older kids gave Spencer some sweet stuff (probably to keep him from yelling…I don’t blame them) and he wouldn’t have any of that ‘real’ food after that. Ah well. One day out of …. most … days isn’t terrible.

After most of the moms left the few of us decided to sit outside to enjoy the sun and warm wind while the kids played in the yard….it was amazing! I’m so excited for the warm weather! Spencer, for the first time that he can remember, played on the lawn. He didn’t know what to do about the soil/grass/leaves….I think they poked his hands some because he kept pulling his hands off the ground and holding them up as if they were dirty or soiled (which I’ve noticed he’s started doing once he notices he has peanut butter or jam or something else sticky on them). For the longest time he wouldn’t move from his spot because he wasn’t willing to put his hands down. But then there was chalk the other kids were using on the sidewalk, and if that won’t get him moving, nothing will (but Mom, chalk goes in my mouth! Why are you taking it away?!)

And tonight we had nachos with homemade guacamole and salsa! Super yum! Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it, so you won’t be enjoying that tomorrow. However, here is a picture from Tuesday’s meal!

[singlepic id=1099 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Pouring Rain

Today was an exercise in staying dry. It has been pouring all day today, and it’s been rather dreary trying to do things that I enjoy (like going to mom’s group) when it’s so miserable outside. However, venture out is what Spencer and I did, and we definitely got wet, but at least he was warm. I should have thought more ahead and brought gloves or mitts with me – the wind made the water on my hands nearly freeze. Why I decided to walk from the bus station to moms’ group instead of waiting for the bus on this cold day is still beyond me. However, Easter is nearly upon us so thoughts of our Mexican Fiesta week are keeping me warm through this nasty weather.

Spencer may be pushing a new tooth through. On the bus home he was inconsolable for periods of time, and while I knew he was tired (overdue for a nap), it wasn’t the typical I’m-tired-and-can’t-sleep type crying. So while he was screaming I tried to get a look into his mouth to see if there were any new reddish-pink gums. He did have a little bit of white underneath his gums on his top right side and it looks like it might be trying to come through (slowly). Poor boy. Tired + pain = not a great bus ride. At least until he fell asleep.

I have my sewing machine back and I notice that I sure feel gleeful whenever I think about making my bag. What a great feeling! So, the problem could have been me or it could have been the machine. At this point, I’m leaning towards me. Thankfully the repair person left some thread threaded through the machine and I saw that I had not been threading it right in the tension area, which means that no matter what I would have done to adjust the tension, it wouldn’t have worked (which is what I thought the problem was). So, lesson learned. All I can say is this: the pictures for the manual and the instructions (printed sometime in the 60s, I’m sure) are not clear for this area and I was attempting to go from memory, mostly. And I failed. Ah well. I sure learned a lot about tension, that’s for sure.

[singlepic id=1068 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Spencer with his new do (and eating some very tasty pasta & meatballs).