Happiness is… (vol 21)

2015.07.22 happinessFinding a new way to use a mini-trampoline. With joy. And splashing.

Spencer came up with this idea and was super thrilled with himself that he did. We had a good time outside yesterday, playing until the kids were shivering too much from the wind. Today is more mellow, but with a potty-training disaster in the morning. However, I am eating our fresh-picked raspberries whenever I hit a low moment and things seem to brighten up from there every time.

What is your happiness today?

Happiness is… (vol 17)

2014.06.25 happinessMy peas and beans are arriving! I’m more than thrilled to welcome them. Especially knowing that their sweet goodness will be making their way into our meals so very very soon. Huzzah!

And in follow up to Felicity’s teething – she’s still at it, but I think a few stalled on her and will show up later. She’s doing much better today, and has maybe a couple teeth that stayed through the cutting phase. I’m glad her body is giving her a bit of a break! Such a sweet little one.

2015-06-25 16.24.14Taking a water break at the spray park today.