Pinterest Project – Vol 4

So soon?! Yes. Yes, I’m determined to get my sweets somewhere. This time it was a scone recipe that spoke to me. It said, ‘Eat me, Jane. Bake me and eat me.’ I looked at the ingredients and lo! I had everything. Sold. Messy kitchen? You can just get messier cause I’m makin’ me a scone.

Almond Coconut Tea Biscuits


2014-04-15 16.30.29Forgot to take pictures before this point – about to be baked
2014-04-15 16.45.22Fresh out of the oven…maybe a little too brown, but not bad.

These turned out pretty darned good. I love the use of lemon zest; the scent is heavenly, but the taste of it is absolutely mild. I might be inclined to find a way to put in some lemon juice to get a bit more flavour into it, or orange. Citrus appeals, apparently. Despite using a tablespoon of agave syrup, there is hardly any sweetness in these puppies, which is disappointing (given my sweet tooth right now).

However, the taste is great, they don’t crumble out of your hands when they are picked up; putting butter on them (as expected) is a little tricky, but it works out all right, and tastes great. Some clotted cream would be even better, if I don’t mind myself saying. Oooh, that is soooo going on my Easter-eats list.

2014-04-15 16.56.31avec beurre
2014-04-15 17.31.13Apparently I couldn’t get an individual shot without a bite taken out of it. Sorry.

I think when I try this recipe again (and I will, cause texture is awesome, it’s easy to make, and tastes rather good), I’ll try to use a stevia sweetener instead of the agave and add in a couple tablespoons of chocolate chips (and eliminate the lemon zest). I just gotta get myself something a little sweeter, I think. The stevia will give me room to use chocolate in the carb department.

These little morsels come in at 5.5g carbs per scone (or tea biscuit, whichever you choose to call them), which means yummy for mummy!

Pinterest for the win!

Pinterest Project – Vol 3

I think my desire for sweets just increased ten-fold this past week, cause I don’t think I’ve had such motivation to find delicious baking to eat while being low-carb.

This lovely little project involved another muffin recipe, low-carb & gluten-free.

Low-Carb Chocolate Muffins


IMG_2997Basis: almond meal/flour
IMG_2998Cocoa from our Farmer’s Market (direct from the plantation several times a year – so heavenly!), Truvia sweetener equivalent. IMG_2999She knows the good stuff…

Easy to prepare. I had all the ingredients and didn’t need to make substitutions (for the first time). Ease to prepare is pretty high on my list of things to look for. That and making sure it goes with butter. I love me some butter (if you haven’t been able to tell).

IMG_3000IMG_3001IMG_3003They came out really well from the muffin liners, which is great. More muffin for me!

As you can see, they were still a little crumbly when applying the butter, but I’ll let you know that the more that they cooled (as in, completely cooled), the easier it was to spread butter. This seems to be consistent with using almond flour, so I think I might just have to accept that if I want butter on my muffin (or scone, or whatever), that it will be crumbly if almond flour is the basis. BUT at least butter tasted like awesome with these. Not like the previous muffins. Yeah, those were definitely a fail in my books. These were much more up my taste alley! And they come in at about 4.5g of carbs per muffin (according to my ingredients), which means more than one can be demolished!

Yay! Pinterest for the win this time!

7 Quick Takes Friday #7qt


Craziness ensued on Tuesday. Which was pretty much planned. On Tuesday it was April 1st, or more commonly expressed as April Fool’s Day. About a month ago I had a brilliant idea. My dear husband has, for the past 13 years, carried a beard on his face. If you know him, you’ll likely have known him only with a beard. Once, while in Ottawa, he gave himself a goatee. But all his hair was never fully removed. The plan for Fool’s Day wasn’t to remove it all, but rather to shape it in a creepy, unbecoming way. This is what we came up with:

2014-04-01 09.35.16Side profile
IMG_2956Front profile (with cheese).

My thoughts were based on:

dannyocean(Ocean’s 11)

I think we pretty much captured the spirit of creepy. It was fun, and I’m glad Andy was interested and willing to do it. It fooled many. He found there were a lot of people who

a) didn’t know he had a beard to begin with

b) didn’t know his face well enough to notice a change

But he did get some good laughs, too. And some people who were too polite to say anything.


So now, for the first time in 13 years, he has gone baby face. He tried to just shorten the beard, but it still looked kind of creepy, so he shaved it all off so that everything would grow back together evenly. This is what he looked like 13 years ago:

1st year retreat (1997)1997  (he was 20 years old, not 12)
IMG_297136 years old

And that, my friends, is Andy without a beard (and 40+lbs heavier, he told me to let you all know). This will not likely happen again (if he can help it)(the shaving his beard off part).


The kids’ growth spurts continue. Cassia has decided that she actually can eat ground beef, and will most likely devour it when in the form of mini-meatballs. She is still really picky about eating foods, especially veggies; I don’t know if it’s by association, or if it’s timing of day, or what. Sometimes she’ll happily munch on broccoli florets in between meals, but when they show up on her plate at a meal, they won’t be touched. Anyone understand toddler that can translate?

Spencer has taken to doubling his portion sizes for the past week, rivaling what I eat (sometimes he eats more!). He continues to be moody, but not as bad as he was when he was eating wheat, so I have to keep it all in perspective. The worst right now is his listening skills (aren’t they always the worst?); I thought he was bad before this growth spurt. I should have counted my lucky stars. We are managing, though. Two major growth spurts at the same time is exhausting, I am finding. Somehow, we’ll get through it and define a new ‘normal’ and try to recover until the next one hits (or the baby comes; whichever first).


Speaking of eating, as I have mentioned before, I am gestational diabetic (BOO!). A couple days ago I turned to pinterest to ‘research’ low-carb options for muffins, as I’ve been craving craving CRAVING sweets now for three days. Consistently I found that low-carb options are (out of necessity) also basically gluten-free, which means that I now have a vested interest in baking for my sake and Spencer’s. He’s going to get a lot out my vested interest here, I can already tell. Poor boy. The kids hardly have sweets at all. A big part of it has been that I’m intimidated by gluten-free baking, which I need to do in order for both kids to have a treat, so they basically don’t get sweets or treats at home.

Being gestational diabetic will hopefully change that. I have a stack of recipes I want to try now that look reasonable to put together. I found one website (Maria Mind Body and Health) that has gotten me really thinking lots about the way I eat, namely about proportions. She follows an 80% fat, 15% protein, and 5% carb diet and also does nutritional consultations and has written books. Ultimately it’s anti-grain (think Wheat Belly but not as ego-centred as I found that book to be). Each blog post starts with a testimony of someone who has committed to this style of eating, and I have to say, their testimonies are really convincing, especially when it comes to diabetes (for me). The focus on fats, oddly, doesn’t feel foreign to me at all. I feel like I’ve been fighting a philosophy out there that fats are bad, but all I can remember from health classes is that bad fats are bad, but good fats are good. I’m not shy about loving fats (butter, coconut oil, avocados, etc), and I hate it when people give me the double-look or the lecture about how bad fats are for people. Ultimately, I feel a little vindicated with this website! Here is an educated person saying the same thing and getting great results with it! At any rate, I’m looking forward to trying some of her recipes with a couple alterations (she uses a specific sweetener that, as far as I can tell, is not available in Canada).


Spring! It’s possible that it has finally sprung here! 2014-04-02 16.08.33We were out a couple days ago enjoying the splashing and poking and not-freezing we were able to do outside. I have unfortunately noticed that Cassia does have a tendency to fall into puddles. And they are never just small puddles she falls in. They’re the type that fill the gum boots with water. Oh well. All a part of the spring experience, right? I’m itching to get the rake out and start raking the dead grass and leaves off the lawn. Next week promises to be tons warmer than even this, so I’m very excited!


2014-04-02 14.24.01She loves cameras. If the back of the phone is even pointing in her direction, she starts giving it smiles. It is super duper cute.


34 weeks pregnant. It’s sure getting closer. And I look like a deer caught in headlights. I think that applies figuratively as well as physically. IMG_2996

Don’t mind the mess. We try not to. And unfortunately, it’s not due to any real reason for being messy…it just is that way.