Oops, She Did It Again

The bangs in the before are long, with a few whisps from her previous cutting extravaganza.

That 2 year old. She is absolutely intent on cutting her hair. So she did it again. Le sigh. And I won’t be calling her a 2 year old for much longer (eek!). Nine days to go until the birthday!

And we had a great tooth-full Easter. Or, maybe lack-thereof. Spencer’s¬†first teeth that have come out all on their own (no dentist intervention needed, whew!). He was so very very thrilled that they came out the same day – one in the morning, the other at bedtime. The one that was left hanging (literally by some sinew or something, hardly anything) came out because I was worried he might swallow it in his sleep. He was opposed at first (I’d been offering to use floss to tug it out), but then relented after we shared our worries. He thought it would hurt a lot, but I said that it would hurt at first, there would likely be some blood, then it would stop and not hurt anymore, fairly quickly. Now, this is going off of a memory of just shy 30 years ago, buuuuut I figured it was probably true.

So I tugged a couple times, it popped out with a surprised cry and then joyful dancing. “Mommy! You were right! It hurt a little at first, then it stopped right away!”

Who just won the Mommy-For-Truth award? Yup. Me. His utter surprise that I was right was a mild downer, but I took the award and ran. ūüėÄ

And I went for allergy testing. Let me tell you – they all itched like CRAZY! Not anaphylactic, thank goodness, but explains last year’s Birch pollen season to a ‘T’.

Before I left the allergy specialists’ office, he gave me an antihistamine, as well. So this was a relatively treated reaction. And that bump for the birch (in the circle) lasted for about two and a half days, maybe three. The one on the right (arrow pointing) was response to dust mite. It didn’t last as long; I think it was reduced by the next morning. But that birch, holy. cow. Some nasty stuff right there. I also had a strong reaction to grass pollen. Which means that my allergy season effectively runs from May-August. It’s only all of the summer, right, so no worries there. Not like we venture outdoors like we’ve been hibernating all winter or anything.

Turns out, if your allergist knows stuff, they can pretty accurately predict your allergies. He had asked if I have had any reactions to foods. I mentioned I once got hives in my mouth from a peach. And it started with lips tingling, which I also get with apples. Sometimes. After the test, he gave me a sheet that had a good explanation of the allergy. I’m highly allergic to birch pollen protein, and depending on which part of that protein I react to, my body can react also to similar proteins. Like those in peach, apple, and a bunch of others. It is unlikely to be allergic to everything in that scope, but I am susceptible to them because their protein is similar. He said in particular, when I mentioned the lips tingling, he was convinced it was at least the birch, because the tingling is very common in birch allergies.¬†

And this week is full of Confirmation-First Eucharists at Andy’s work. 170 kids over 3 packed nights. So I’m letting the kids watch shows. While I make supper. So I don’t go insane. In my attempt to tone down the cartoons, though, I “forced” them to watch How the Earth Was Made, focusing on volcanoes.

So interesting! Supper was slightly delayed as I spent a little too much time watching along. The girls lost interest only about 10 minutes in (“but I didn’t want to watch¬†that show!”), but Spencer is enthralled. He even said, while they were showing the work they are doing studying Hawaii, that maybe when he grew up he could ¬†be a scientist and work learning about volcanoes. That’s pretty high praise from this 7 year old!

I borrowed this DVD from the library because this summer we are going on a very epic journey to see two major things: a supervolcano and the complete solar eclipse.

Oh, and heading to Rome in two years, but that’s another post.

All About Felicity (part 2)

Felicity cookieHer camera poses melt my heart. She’s such a sweetie.

I haven’t much news. I’m very much in the mood to re-read Harry Potter from the start. I’m woefully behind on my Aromatherapy theory. Homeschooling is going great. The kids still wake up at night and we’re tired. That pretty much sums up life currently. Still so much joy. Missing taking photos and being able to update more frequently, but alas we survive.

Feeling just as busy or is it just me? And as it would have it, winter is coming…(we had our first snow today. Not the snow-that-stays, but just fluttering down from the clouds). I should increase my vitamin D intake. Better to prepare early than be caught too late…


Mother's DayTo all those who have birthed children or who long to be mothers but have had difficulties along their journey, I hope you have a wonderful day today!

And my youngest little one gave me the nicest and most exciting gift today…

Yay FelicityShe took her first steps!

All About Felicity

IMG_5556It’s the 3rd-baby-syndrome, right? I haven’t taken as many photos of her as I have with the previous two, and I’m aching to be photographing so many of her cute attributes. By far, she has been our happiest baby. So full of joy and brimming with smile upon smile upon smile, she is definitely giving the other two a run of their money.

IMG_5557She’s started very lightly on solid foods; this time around I’m avoiding the cereals to start. My instinct is telling me to, and it’s backed up by at least three random articles that I’ve read (isn’t that how parenting is done?), so that’s what we’re going with. Mostly it’s my instinct that I’m trusting this time around. As I’ve been coming to learn, my instinct generally knows what’s best for our family so it’s a good place to start. IMG_5558She’s mastered the egg yolk. I tried her with avocado, but either I gave her too much to start with and it made a bad impression on her stomach or she has some type of sensitivity to it, cause she puked several times after that (on two occasions). So avocado is out the window currently. She’s had banana and a couple little nibbles of ground beef (not together!). That sums up her food repertoire. IMG_5559She has started crawling. It started the day my mum left after Christmas (like, within a couple hours), and she hasn’t looked back since. I’d forgotten how much self-entertaining babies can do when they learn to crawl. Recently I read this saying: ‘A mobile baby is a happy baby’ and goodness, I can vouch for its truth. She was happy before. Now she’s even happier. IMG_5566Unfortunately her dexterity in fine motor skills is extremely refined (more so than the other two at this age) and she does find every. single. little. pebble/crumb. Not that it’s increased my cleanliness of the place (that would be too easy). Nope, I’ve just worked on my mad-dash and have it down pretty good now. Occasionally the kids help out. And by help out I don’t mean that they remove and item from Felicity’s grasp, or pull something out of her mouth. Nooo, that would be heaven logical. They aren’t logical yet. But sometimes they do say, ‘Mommy, Felicity has something in her mouth.’ Or in Cassia’s case, she’ll spout ‘No Titi! No!’ and stomp in front of her. But it’s all help, right? Though I have been super-mindful of any little plastic bits on the floor (curse that silly broken wand that Spencer used to ‘cut up’ the bag of diapers! bits of plastic everywhere!) (but I blame Cassia for breaking the thing to begin with). IMG_5568
Perhaps you’ve noticed a theme with the photos. Let me assure you: I did not (completely) select only the photos in which her tongue was out of her mouth. This is, indeed, her natural pose, and has been since she had her tongue clipped in September. It is one of the cutest things about her and I love see it nearly every time I look at her. It’s just so darling on her.


It just won’t stay in her mouth. It’s ever roaming. It’s ever-adorable. It’s Felicity.


And in other news, this is all I had left of my Christmas chocolate before I finished writing this post:

IMG_5636I didn’t know Christmas chocolate could last this long. I have no idea what I did differently this year, but I am sure loving little Lindts in mid-January. It is delicious under every circumstance.