First Eucharist & Confirmation PLUS Farm Week

Nothing like slapping several different events into one post, but it’s been awhile, so I’m off the hook.

Confirmation & First Eucharist

What can I say – my first child is now fully initiated into the Catholic faith. It’s hard to describe how thrilled I am that he can receive Jesus at Mass now; it’s crazy how far he’s come on his journey. And not only can he receive Eucharist now, but all the ministries are open to him (officially); he just needs to learn a few things on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ before he can glide into them. He’s already signed up for altar server training though :).

Spencer posing with Bishop Gerry Wiesner and Fr. Darryl (his Godfather and sponsor).

We are currently bishop-less here in Saskatoon, and our priest, Fr. Gerard, sought out Bishop Gerry, who is an Oblate of Mary Immaculate and is living in the Oblate retirement home here in Saskatoon.

True story: Bishop Gerry was the bishop of my home diocese, Prince George, for much of my time that I lived there. Neither my mom nor I remember if he Confirmed me or not. We could find out, but haven’t yet had motivation (we’ll see when I get there in a couple weeks).

Spencer’s official “before” picture.

The very excited and supportive sisters before the Mass.

There’s still a long journey ahead, which never ends for any of us, really, and I’m looking forward to sharing a part of that journey with him. Keep praying for him and for all of us!

The Farm Life

And as part of our homeschooling, we have gone to two farms now within a week of each other. First trip was to LaLa’s Little Farm, where she’s hoping to do educational days as well as offer a preschool this coming autumn.

Felicity brushing the donkey. And loving it.

I’m hoping we can continue to make a few trips out there and get to know the animals more. One very nice thing is that this little farm is only about 20 minutes away from us (outside our end of the city), which is super attractive!

Spencer feeding the goat.

Spencer holding one of the four baby rabbits. So cuddly!

We enjoyed our time there, despite the caterpillar epidemic choking our area right now. Thankfully they’re getting fewer and fewer, and hopefully the birds make good meals of the moths that show up…

The Dairy Farm

And yesterday we had the great privilege of touring the Fehr Dairy Farm. The older two and I went and had a GREAT time! I learned tons, the kids learned tons, and I totally think Spencer would easily fit into the farm life. At least on occasion ;). He asked good questions and got right in there excitedly to attach the machine to the cows’ udders.

Spencer being shown how to work the machine.

They also had baby calves (even one born that morning!) whose tongues sneak up on you and tap you on the shoulder (uhhh, ask me how I know). They were quite cute. And yes, those are chicken eggs in the kids’ hands…

This spirited calf tried to lick his ear.

This farm also had a few pigs. The farmer (possibly Mr. Fehr?) said each pig provides about 100 (or 150?) pounds of bacon. Holy cow! or pig, as it is. That would last us….well, a very long time. Especially with my pork digestive issues (buuuuuut BAAAACONNNNN!). Oh, and they’re cute things too. Cleaner snouts than the cows…

It was a fabulous educational trip. They had chickens as well, and if you know my Spencer, he was all over that like syrup on pancakes. This boy might have a thing for chicken farming or egg farming in his future (anyone know of good apprenticeships for 7-year-olds in the area?). I have no idea why he loves chickens so much, but he adores them.

And lastly, Andy’s cousin Leah, who was 28, just passed away from health complications this past week. We attended her funeral Tuesday and I’m certain the family would appreciate any prayers you might offer for her and for them. It’s been a hard journey this last year for them and they are greatly saddened at her passing. We are thinking and praying for them often.

In just over a week I will be on the road with the kids on a grand adventure to Prince George. I am thinking of journaling our trip over facebook…it will be an interesting adventure but we are all looking forward to it!

Inconsequential Things

I have a lot of smaller thoughts running through my mind, some of which keep me up too late or wake me up at 4am over. And really, they’re mostly just inconsequential items.

Firstly, there are a number of photos I want to share, since apparently the camera has made more of a debut in the past week or so than most weeks.

He tells me that he doesn’t like avocados…

He loved Godspell, until close to the end when the funny scenes died away. I’m so proud of him!

One of the two cakes I made for our Carnival.

He looks so old in this photo! He just keeps growing and growing…. (photo courtesy of Andy)

I think our ice tray is trying to kill us with stab-y concoctions. Good thing it melts.

After he put Spencer to sleep, he made me a hot fudge spooncake for Mother’s Day. It was absolutely delicious! And wonderfully appreciated!

Two pinholes in tinfoil on the evening of the eclipse gave us pictures of the sun with a crescent in it from the moon crossing it. I don’t really think Spencer understood, but we can say he witnessed it.

The day before his buzz cut. His hair was a little unruly.

In other news, Confirmations at our parish take place this week, so Andy’s been running around like crazy and spending many hours working on things. The first time’s always the worst in prep. Next year will be much easier in the planning process for him. It has, however, meant that he’s hardly home evenings anymore until this is over with. It’s been a bit rough on Spencer (and me). Just tonight he kept asking ‘Where Daddy?’ And when we prayed for Andy and his work tonight during prayers, he started tearing up. We’ll both be glad when we can have our man back with us more evenings.

I finished reading ‘The 5 Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman. I found it really helpful. Online he has an assessment questionnaire to help you figure out which love language resonates with you. Mine is definitely quality time. Which is also a reason that not having Andy around lately has been rough. I’m thankful for the book; in looking at a number of marriages of people I know (even distantly), I see how this book could really help to build up the bond between the couple. Andy’s still reading it (I got ahead of him by finishing it), so it’s also going to provide good fuel for us to talk about and see how we can serve each other better. I like how the book emphasizes that relationships are about serving each other. That really resonates with me.

I’m halfway through the pregnancy! I’m stunned at how quickly it’s going by, but it’s also very exciting. Four and a half months left. It’s a little daunting, but I’m very much looking forward to meeting this babe.If you missed it on facebook, here’s a photo of my ultrasound last week:

Hope your week’s started off on the right foot!