Life, the Universe, and Everything.

This year I have taken on the most I’ve had responsibility for in a long time. We have been having fun! Perhaps at the expense of some sanity, but we’re working it out. Two major events have happened in the last month! Let’s get right to them-

Birthday, birthday, birthday!

This wonderful daughter of mine turned 5 at the beginning of October, and I haven’t had a chance to post much about it. She chose a chocolate cake with pink icing (I love her low expectations – it is absolutely wonderful to feel that I can actually give her what she wants!) And she requested perogies and sausage for her birthday supper. More than happy to oblige!

I did a video interview with her, but it’s taken a looooong time to get around to editing it. Thankfully, it’s done now 🙂

She had a fabulous birthday (we also went to go see the My Little Pony movie in theatre), and she’s just so excited (still!) to be 5 years old. She was my first natural birth and is such a joyful, bouncy person. I’ve collected many famous saying from her. A few examples:

Cassia, showing me something: “I can just do dat. Because…for reasons.”

Cassia, while watching the Canadian gymnasts at the Olympics: “Whoa, Mommy!! Did she just do (pause) something…else?!!”

Cassia: “I went into fridge and I got out the naaabog!”
Me: “What? Nail bog?”
C: “No! Naaabog!”
Me: ..
C: “Naaabog!”
Me: “You mean eggnog?”
C: “YES!”

Cassia: “Mousey says ‘squeak squeak!’ Pig says ‘oink oink!’ Pooh Bear says ‘HONEY HONEY HONEY HONEY!'”

I love this independent girl so much.

Perhaps my favourite video of her is this one, though:

Over-The-Hill Birthday

And Andy turned a whopping 40 last week, so we’ve been inundated with cakes and presents over the past month.

He’s much much older now…is there a 39-and-holding group? He might be interested.  And just as he was complaining about not having any Scotch, he was bombarded.

So he’s just soaking it all in (or drinking it all up). There’s enough to last until Easter. I hope. 🙂

We kept the birthdays quiet and simple – Andy’s never been fond of large groups of people. He requested a chocolate cake (of any type) and a pizza supper. We just had prime rib the night before, so I made us a prime rib/ham/turkey pizza (split into thirds). It was pretty tasty.

So we’re done with our family birthdays for the rest of the year now. We can sit back and worry about where we’re going for Christmas.

In related news, we’re selling our awesome Poniac Vibe. 

If you are interested, please contact me! I’ll post the kijiji ad when I’ve smoothed out a glitch. We just heard someone who’s a courier say that they love Vibes/Matrixes because they’re so reliable – he rode his (in the job) for 1.2 million kilometres. Yeah. Built to last, these babies.

Disappearing Time and the Case of the Seven-Year-Old

Disappearing as in, where did the time go?

A whole month has gone by since I last posted. Anyone else feel like it’s a blur? Is this what adulting is about? Being continually surprised by how long it has been since the last time I acknowledged the time?

This past week we celebrated our firstborn’s seventh birthday. He was quite pleased. It’s been a big year for him – from starting Grade 1 to losing several teeth via the dentist to starting karate…he’s grown so much. It’s been an interesting and joy-filled journey. I wouldn’t say the easiest journey – he has tons of energy and is extroverted, which is complete opposite to Andy and I. We’re still working at learning more about this child of ours to help him to succeed in life, and loving him up as much as we can. So here’s to celebrating our big seven year old – with our annual interview:

What is your favourite colour?


What is your favourite toy?

Lego and puppy [the stuffy].

What is your favourite food?

Brunch! And pasta. I have a lot of stuff that’s my favourite food.

What kind of food do you not like?

Tomato soup. It’s one of the things I don’t like. 

What do you want to do when you grow up?

A race car driver. Maybe? I don’t know.

What do you like to do with Daddy?

Go to his work.

What do you like to do with Mommy?

I don’t know. Going outside and playing, and going to the park. And drawing pictures. With chalk. Or just in the snow.

What does Daddy do?

He works for the church. That’s all I know.

What does Mommy do?

She takes care of us.

What does Felicity do?

She just putters around and plays. Sometimes not very good at staying away from things I don’t want her to [play with].

What does Cassia do?

Plays with me and Felicity and putters around.

What does Spencer do?

I play with the girls and I like to play with Lego a lot. Oh, and play the princess and kitty game [<- a game he’s made up with his sisters and they play often]

Is there anything else you’d like to tell me about being seven?

That I’m a little older and I get to lift Cassia and Felicity a lot better.

Birthday Interview: 4-Year-Old Session

birthday-interviewWithout further adieu, here is my birthday interview with the four-year-old Cassia.

(At the dinner table)

What is your favourite colour?


What is your favourite toy?


(long pause)

Greeeen toy. That – that crocodile-dragon toy is my favourite.

But you don’t play with it (it is on an unreachable shelf)

Yes! I! Do!

What is your favourite food?

(Glances down at plate) Maybe….some….nachos!

What kind of food do you not like?

Maybe some of these beans (points to refried beans from nachos)

What do you want to do when you grow up?

Maybe watch TV.

(explains idea of jobs)

Maybe be an animal doctor.

What do you like to do with Daddy?

Go to work with him!

What do you like to do with Mommy?

Umm…go to church

What does Daddy do?

He works at church and works here

What does Mommy do?

She works at church and here

What does Felicity do?

She just crawls…when she was one. And now she’s learning to walk

(Andy and I are stifling laughter…Felicity’s been walking for over a year…)

What does Spencer do?

He turns on the TV

What does Cassia do?

I can jump over lines and jump over ropes.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell me about being four?

I like to pick up Felicity. I can put some books away.



7 Quick Takes Friday #7QT



I’ve given in and have hired a company to help clean my house.

And truly, I am so thrilled beyond belief that I will have a clean house. But not a whole house – our budget can just barely afford getting the kitchen and bathrooms clean. BUT if you’ve visited our house, you’ll know just how much work it will be to thoroughly clean these areas. As in at this point in my life it really is completely beyond me.

I’ve ordered a complete clean, so they will be taking out all the dishes and cleaning all the cupboards, moving the freezer, stove, fridge, and also cleaning the fridge (inside!) as well. I am so blown away at how casual she was as she was asking me about what I’d need. Oh, and if they have time, they’ll organise and clean the landing when you walk into the house (even though we have summer and winter everythings out because of the crazy early snow). She said with absolute certainty, “My girls are really good at their job. It won’t be a problem.” Talk about melting my heart with words.


Cassia is officially four.

And she is sure to tell everyone who asks exactly how old she is and that it was just her birthday; she is still quite excited. 2016-10-04-07-51-43-edit-websiteCassia received a few My Little Ponies (MLP) which she absolutely adores. While visitng grandparents, she also received little Care Bears toys (with accompanying book) and a MLP soft throw and bag. This newly minted four-year-old love love loves everything and when I asked her what type of cake she would like for her birthday, she excitedly announced, “PINK!” which totally makes my life easy. She clarified later that it was a chocolate cake with pink icing that she would really like so I just said, ‘You bet’ like a pro cause I’ve totally lucked out.


Felicity was not pleased.


Watching her older sister receive her birthday dues.

While Cassia was having a super day her younger troublemaker-in-arms was definitely not pleased that it was her birthday. She was most upset when Cassia received gifts and she did not. She was quite grumpy when Cassia got to do things she did not. And while she did sing Happy Birthday, when Cassia later exclaimed how happy she was that it was her birthday, Felicity, while menacingly gripping her high chair and leaning dangerously towards Cassia, yelled in her most angry tone and voice, “IT’S NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!”

She had had enough.


The Birthday Interview

Will get its own post, maybe even later today. It definitely shines her sunny personality 🙂


Ze Turkeyyy Dinnnnnnrrrr

We then trucked ourselves down to Regina for Thanksgiving, which was super duper tasty.


Cassia in a too-tired grump.

Everyone had a great day, which included spending a great amount of time at the park close by. The older two and myself spent some good time running around trying to catch falling leaves in the gusty wind. We definitely gave ourselves a great workout.


And we managed to snap this photo, which might be an all-time best for smiles and looking at the camera. Though ze boyyyzz have some horrible shag hair going…which soon after was rectified.



Andy is switching le fin-de-semaine as of tomorrow, which means he is home Friday-Saturday until this batch of sacramental preparation classes are done. I have a love-hate relationship with this: the Friday off means we can do many, many things together with less people around (total win), but it means we don’t get Sunday together, which is a big loss too. We’ve switched to doing Mass permanently on Saturday evenings (unless other opportunities arise) which helps with the stability, but let me tell you – no evening Mass is at a good time for young kids :(. They are either hungry or tired. There truly is no in-between, just variations on intensity.


Day Off

Due to regularly scheduled days off that Andy and I give each other once a month, I get mine today! I am planning on visiting with a friend, hanging out with my laptop at a pub, and going to a Naturopathy doctor to help me look into this pork intolerance things I seem to have.


Pork Intolerance

Within the last year, I have developed an intolerance to pork. My body just doesn’t like it and my intestines make sure to tell me just how much they despise it shortly after eating it. It is quite unpleasant (though the occasional bacon or sausage is worth the unpleasantness. At least at this point) and I don’t know if there’s anything that can be done about it. It’s probable that it’s genetic (my dad has this too), but I figured that a Naturopathy doctor would be the the choice to pursue if I want to explore alternate options than possible medication (which I don’t even know if it is an option). At any rate, my consult is tomorrow. Hoping that it helps at least shed some more light on this undesirable quandary.

Pray tell, what has your week been like?

Linking up with Kelly.

Snow to the glow

Happy Feast day of St. Francis! and it’s the eve of our eldest daughter’s birthday as well. So much to celebrate!

As I sit here the prediction for snow has come true today. It’s sad and expected and because it’s mixed with rain, there is absolutely nothing pretty about it. The wind is out in gale forces and I have absolutely no desires to go outside at all today. Like, zip.

Last night was a bedtime doozy. I wrote a whole post about it before glancing over it and thinking, ‘that’s just so depressing’ and promptly deleted it. I’ll sum it up by saying that when I was younger, I never dreamed a goal in life would be to not threaten one of my offspring with sleeping in the spare room with the door closed tight. Hopes are high here, folks. Maybe too high.


In Other News

We just came back from a quick weekend getaway to Edmonton. I had a moment when we were all buckled in and we were just driving off when I realised that being crazy is really just a hair over a line. My eldest daughter, by some unknown means of magic, turned into a little monster a block away from home on the *ahem* SIX hour trip. Like, wth. She was a decent human being before we were in the vehicle, but someone seemed to have given her a mask of monstrous proportions. Or a monster mask of proportions? Maybe just a monster mask that she wore well. Anyway. SO glad that’s done with for now. Anyone else have a child who turns into an unknown creature of whining when they go on trips? I’m all ears since we’re Thanksgiving ourselves into Regina this next weekend here.

Our purpose in Edmonton was to go see Jim Gaffigan’s live performance. And we succeeded, though we got there at 7:02 (the show technically started at 7:00). So I’m very glad they weren’t up to the German’s punctuality because the opener was really quite good. img_20161001_1901501-editIf you ever get a chance to see Mister Gaffigan live, he’s definitely worth the 6 hour drive 🙂 It was great and we had some fabulous laughs, and we had a great visit with our friends in Edmonton. I love spending time with them, and now they’re expecting a baby and I just want to move there so that I can love and kiss their little one and help with all the mundane and overwhelming tasks of everyday life. So excited for them!

And we are back for but a little while here, which means laundry, laundry, laundry. And cake, cause there’s a birthday.