7 Quick Takes Friday #7qt


We have managed nearly a week without my mom helping out with the older kids as we continue to establish a ‘norm’ here in the Korvemaker household. And we haven’t had any major meltdowns yet either *crossing fingers*. I’m surprised; I expected either Andy or I to break down at least one of these past nights, but nopers. Not yet. Bonus!


I’m making a new friend! A couple houses down from us is another mom whose daughter is Cassia’s age. She’s expecting a newbie for November. We had them over for coffee this afternoon, and goodness, I have been pleasantly surprised at how similar we are, and we’ll have two kids in roughly the same age range.


So of the random things that we have in common:

  • completely desires natural births and is well informed about circumstances surrounding birth and what it takes to go au natural
  • trying to organically keep their lawn weed-free
  • makes soap at home
  • father is a pastor at a church

I’m thrilled she lives so close! I don’t know when I’ve made a new friend that seemed so well-suited so quickly! This is exciting, folks. As an introvert, I don’t make friends easily. This is kicks for me!


Felicity’s baptism is Sunday! I’m so excited. Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law, Sherry, who took the kids yesterday morning, I was able to finish hemming and getting the buttons onto Felicity’s baptismal dress. Ta da! 2014-06-05 22.38.052014-06-05 22.38.15


Andy’s suggestion for a ‘quick take’ is that his insomnia is back. We’re both not impressed. Andy suffered from some nasty insomnia before Spencer was born, then it seemed like the shock of not sleeping endless nights because of baby helped his body to remember that, ‘hey, sleep is actually good’ and he was able to sleep again. The insomnia started to come back again before Cassia was born, and she had the same effect on him. This time around, Felicity has had no effect on his sleeping patterns and they actually have gotten worse than before she was born. Boo. Usually he takes melatonin to help his body trigger sleep, but since he’s my 2am diaper-changer and other-kid-manager, being roughly knocked out from the melatonin doesn’t work for how we manage nights. So he reads stuff on his phone endlessly. And doesn’t sleep as well. He’s such an awesome husband to me. Thanks honey.


We had photos of little miss Felicity done this week, and I am sooo impatient to see them! They were just casually done – no photo props or set-ups. Mucho more our style here in our home. Maybe by next week I’ll have them. If not, then definitely by the following week. One way or another, I’ll be super excited to share some of them!


Andy’s parents are visiting with us for a couple days starting tomorrow (they’re here early for Felicity’s baptism). We are hoping (hoping!) to start leveling the ground where we will be building the shed this summer with them. Buuuuut I’m not convinced that the weather will be favourable for us this weekend for that type of work. Tonight is a low of 3 darned degrees. That’s almost frost, peeps! We should be beyond this by now, Mother Nature. Get your seasons right!

But at least we’ve been tornado-free. That kind of thing is for all the people in the south of the province (so far). I think overall I should just suck it up and be happy with the near-frost.

Happy weekending, everyone!

IMG_5192They managed to sit in the same chair and not fight for more than 1 minute. Hallelujah!

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7 Quick Takes Friday #7qt


IMG_5107One of the best things about not being pregnant: enjoying wine again on a relatively regular basis. We pulled out our good stuff to celebrate Felicity – Dirty Laundry unoaked chardonnay and a pinot noir. I think we’ll save the pinot gris for our anniversary, at which point we’ll either have to make a trip to the Okanagan to get more Dirty Laundry wine or –


2014-05-23 13.49.01…we can head to the local Co-Op liquor store (which just opened) and get Dirty Laundry here in Saskatoon! I’m banking this store is the only place in Saskatchewan that one can get it. The Co-Op liquor store is very close to us; we took a walk through last week. Guess what I found: My favourite. Yes. I’m excited. Maybe I can make requests. If I can, I may become very familiar with the owners of this liquor store in the future…


Despite being small and young, she still really seems to love her baby sister. She most commonly says to her, ‘hello bebe!’

IMG_5065She loves giving ‘hugs’ (more like gentle head butts) and kisses to Felicity. I’m so very glad that she’s been so good about having a baby sister. It helps that her older brother gushes love on Felicity, so Cassia has a great role model too.


IMG_5121My first homemade birthday cake (that I didn’t make) in a very, very long time (thanks mum!). Possibly since I moved out from home over 10 years ago. It was a lovely cheesecake (no bake) with strawberries that Spencer put on for us. Speaking of whom, did you see his look of anticipation on his face in this picture? So precious!


We went to a community fun night last week and the kids had a great time. They had little carnival games for the kids, they brought in a fire truck to check out and climb in (under firefighter supervision, of course), and there was a bounce castle. They had a great time, even if it wasn’t high class. Cassia had her face painted with a puppy dog. Spencer requested a ladybug on his hand. I’m thrilled they had a great time, and it was nice to get out as a family.

2014-05-23 18.36.02 like I said, not high class. but they loved it.2014-05-23 18.35.51


My mum had a stroke of genius when she remembered that while she was still here that we had been planning on making Felicity’s baptismal gown. I’m so glad she remembered before she left! It had completely flew out of my mind for these last weeks, and she leaves on Saturday. Thankfully she’s skilled at the sewing machine and we got to work right away. It’s the same pattern as Cassia’s was, but we changed the way we put it together. For the skirt part of it we used one of the two detailed strips from my wedding gown, and for the bodice piece and sleeves we used the dress’ slip. I think it has turned out awesome. Now all that’s left is the hemming and the buttons. Maybe we will get to those tomorrow. If not, I’m on my own. But I think I can manage that part okay. It might not be perfect, but it can get done.


IMG_3107It was too cute to leave out. She loves herself some whipped cream.

7 Quick Takes Friday


Cassia started smiling last week. It’s been detrimental to being punctual. Just picture rushing to leave only to randomly make a cooing noise to her and she smiles back. Big, wide grins. And she coos back and starts chattering. It takes every bit of my being to not immediately continue this trend (coo, smile, chatter; coo, smile, chatter) and actually move myself out the door. Andy may have had his patience tried this past week (he usually gets Spencer ready and out the door, I usually have Cassia).


We bottled wine this week. I mentioned this to a close friend and her comment surprised me: ‘Again? Oh, well, I guess it’s about that time.’ Erm, what? So, as Andy flipped through our calendar for the past few months, it turns out that we’ve been bottling wine about every 6-7 weeks or so (not all year, let me clarify. Just the past 3 times). While we enjoy the results of this, we will not be bottling wine for awhile now. I think we have enough stocks for the next 5 months, including if my mom comes to visit (and that’s saying something) :). To give ourselves some credit, we didn’t intend to make this last batch. You see, we had originally planned to make Toasted Caramel Port for Christmas joy, but they didn’t have any in at the time of an amazing sale, so we started a White Chocolate Port instead. When we went to bottle that port, they had a box of the Toasted Caramel in, which was absolutely my preferred option. So we started that batch. And let me tell you, it is delicious. I’m glad we decided to do that one, even though we had another port just bottled. It’s going to be a good Christmas!


I tested out my homemade baby wipes. They worked fine, despite my misgivings. I decided that while I can use clear coloured oils so that it’s not -visible- that the oil isn’t completely uniform in the wipes, I’m not willing to give up using my calendula oil in it, and it’s a yellow colour. Calendula has too many healing properties in it for me to so easily just leave it out. I did have a problem the last 4 days of the wipes (before they ran out): I noticed that there was some mould that started to grow on the very edge of it. This is not something I want, so last night when I made a new batch up, I included tea tree essential oil. I’m hoping that will clear things up (but only time will tell). I also included Roman Chamomile essential oil in it this time as well, which acts as an anti-inflammatory. And vitamin E. Ok, I may have completely changed nearly everything I did last time (including finding a more balanced amount of water to add). So far it’s working out. It’s a little crazy – the tea tree essential oil overpowers any other scent in it, even though the lavender is over triple in quantity than the tee tree.


I made more bum cream too, and added tea tree essential oil to it as well. It has made a noticeable difference in clearing up bum rash compared with using solely lavender and calendula. It was surprising and encouraging. I’m definitely enjoying experimenting and finding good combinations of oils to use!


I have the majority of my Christmas cards done, and I’m a little shocked. I really don’t know how it happened, but it started with buying a set of cards super cheap from Zellers’ going-out-of-business sales. I even verified some addresses. -And- I have stamps! I love the Christmas stamps.


Cassia’s Godparents are here visiting all the way from Ottawa. When we initially asked them to be her Godparents, we really weren’t expecting that they’d be able to fly out for the celebration. Imagine our surprise and gratefulness when they said they’d be here! We are eagerly anticipating her baptism this weekend, along with a food celebration to commemorate (of course). We are very much looking forward to our little girl joining us in our faith community.


We received another dump of snow just a couple of days ago. Our sidewalk hasn’t yet *ahem* been shoveled. I’m sure the school kids are dismayed and we’re now getting a name in the neighbourhood. Oh well. We can maintain that name, at least.

7 Quick Takes Friday


I feel super empowered because I have had not just one, but THREE outings this week! Tuesday we went to Mom’s Morning Out at the church, which was Holy Yoga (and I still have sore spots from that one though I certainly wasn’t pushing myself). Wednesday I actually had the audacity to walk somewhere. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, a bus would have been much more warm and possibly quicker, but we walked 15 minutes to the polling station for municipal elections. And of course the nice large stroller was still tucked neatly into the back of the car, which Andy had, so I wore Cassia in her wrap and took Spud in the single stroller. All I have to say to that is a huge THANK YOU to all the people who had the graciousness of heart to shovel their sidewalks after the snowfall. You made voting for this mama possible. My third outing was this morning; we headed up to a friend’s place to hang for part of the morning. Three outings a week might be setting myself up for disaster…


While my mom was here, we started a very awesome project that is nearly complete. When Spencer was baptised, he wore the baptismal gown that I was baptised in, which was knitted by my grandmother for me. I intended for the gown to be given to him when/if he has a family when he grows up. This left me with the dilemma of trying to find something that will be just as meaningful for other children whom we have. This was when I decided that I would give up my wedding dress to create baptismal gowns out of for future children. I will never wear it again, so rather than it just sit in a closet and look nice, it will be re-purposed into new clothes for baptismal gowns. This was our project. All that’s left now are sewing buttonholes and buttons, then hemming it. Hurray! Cassia will have her own baptismal gown made from the dress I wore when I married her daddy. I love the symbolism of it!


Speaking of said dress, I tried it on one last time before we started cutting. Would you believe, it actually sits slightly bigger on me? I attribute it to the weight I lost while bearing Cassia, which I will gain back around the 6 week mark (if things unfold as they did with Spencer).


Know what I love? When there are 50%-off sales of whipping cream. It sure makes a very cheap way to make unsalted butter and buttermilk!


Snow. It’s here. It’s cold enough that it might stay. Spencer and Andy made a snowman the day it came, which was very cute. I’m feeling overly organised about winter outerwear this year – it was all accessible and easy to find. This, of course, was not intentional, but it sure had the same effect.


We are hosting a housewarming & meet Cassia party tomorrow afternoon for friends who have not yet had a chance to see our new digs or meet the girl. Which is all of about 5 people. I am making jalapeno bacon poppers and am super excited to eat them tomorrow. The rest of the appies are going to be simple (chicken wings, bread, cheese, delicious specialty balsamic vinegar…), but tasty.


Spencer has recently tried to give up his nap, which was not warranted. He was a miserable little boy from about 5pm onwards when he did manage to swindle himself out of a nap. My loving solution? Telling him the he is not allowed to not have a nap, and if he tries it again, he’ll be locked in his room until daddy comes home. Without his cars (to play with). He’s been grumbling, but napping, since. I’m glad, because it’s my only time during the day to nap and re-set myself.

Have yourselves a lovely weekend!

The Octave of Easter

We’ve had a wonderfully busy 2 weeks here in the Korvemaker household! One of the biggest events was Spencer’s baptism! Both his godparents, Kate & Darryl, were able to make it, and his Nana also has spent some wonderful quality time with him and celebrated his entrance into the faith community!

My mom arrived on Good Friday and just left yesterday, and what a blessing that visit was! Not only did my mom & Kate help watch Spencer so that I could get extra rest, but they also helped us re-organise our living room to make it use the space better, and they did dishes while here, and they were wonderful company!

The wonderful thing about the timing of Spencer’s baptism and both my mom and Kate’s visit was that it was during the Octave of Easter.

It is a curiosity that the biggest celebration of our faith, Jesus rising from the dead, is not the main celebration of most Christians. For most, Christmas is the main celebration. While Christmas is indeed important, Jesus’ birth would be meaningless had he not risen from the dead. Christmas is one day to celebrate his entrance into the world. By comparison, Easter day lasts 8 days. It is one loooooong day because it is such a HUGE celebration! Andy and I decided last year that we are going to truly partake in this celebration. I am sure in years to come we will define how we do this more thoroughly, but this year we feasted for 8 days.

I made up a luxurious menu plan for the Octave.

Sunday we had an all you can eat brunch with Andy’s cousin’s family at a superb restaurant. It filled us for the whole day.

Monday we had our huge turkey dinner and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Tuesday we devoured deluxe nachos (and by this day Katie had joined our feasting – so much for the new lifestyle eating you had been on, eh?).

Wednesday we enjoyed perogies and sausage (yum yum!!!).

Thursday we were going to originally have beef tenderloin steaks. However, my mom had just made puff pastry that day, and so we had fillet de boeuf en crute (sp?). Basically, we wrapped the steaks in puff pastry along with sauteed onions and mushrooms, and had a tasty tasty sauce with it. Oh, my mouth waters just thinking of it.

Friday we had rack of lamb! Sooo good! Andy and I learned that Katie does not like olives, which became a consideration as the rack of lamb was olive encrusted (yuuuummy!). So I came up with another crust that was herbed while she and my mom were busy clearing up the table. Katie had never had lamb before. We dished it all out and ate our fill (we have a picture of this one), and loved it all! Then Kate made the comment, ‘It was really good! It didn’t even taste like olives!’ ‘Well,’ we informed her, ‘yours wasn’t olives.’ ‘Oh,’ said she. ‘That would explain it.’

Saturday we had enchiladas, a recipe we learned from our friends the Fletchers. Again, so very very good, and we were very pleased when Kat and Marc came by just at the tail end of our dinner and ate the remaining enchilada. I don’t think we would have been able to either stuff ourselves with it or stuff it in the fridge, which had been getting more and more full.

Sunday, the last day of the Octave of Easter and Spencer’s baptism day, we started with eggs Benedict. Over the past few days we had been busy as bees in the kitchen getting appetizers ready for the reception after his baptism. We held ourselves over with light snacking, and we finished our feast of Easter with tons and tons of appetizers that we shared with our guests!

It has been a wonderful, wonderful Octave of Easter. I’m looking forward to what we come up with next year.

Yum yum dessert at the brunch!


Lamb rack! Olive encrusted, except Katie’s. Yummeroo!


Eggs Benedict on a Sunday morning!


Adult afternoon out while Spencer’s Nana enjoyed some quality time with him!

Spencer’s baptism.

We were so pleased that Fr. Kevin Beach was able to facilitate the baptism for us. It meant a lot to us to have someone whom we knew well baptism our little boy. It was a great celebration – Kat and Marc led us in a couple songs, Spencer wailed as he was immersed in the water, and he concluded the ceremony by pooping in the white towel that wrapped him. It was a great evening. And then we had those who were able to make it over to our place to eat and eat and celebrate Spencer’s initiation.


The baptismal font Spencer was baptised in.


Sequence of Spencer being baptised.





Hanging with the Iversons


Andy and I with a newly baptised Spencer!

And that basically concludes the wonderful events of the past 2 weeks. Oh! In the midst of the Octave of Easter, Spencer gifted us with starting to smile regularly!! It’s been so rewarding to have him smiling at me. My mom thinks he’s just on the cusp of laughing, but I think he has another few weeks to go before that one comes.


Power to the people right on.

Enjoy the pictures – there are more up in Spencer’s gallery, and there is a new gallery called Octave of Easter.