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Finally, a REAL window!

Well, Friday we finally had our new window installed in our bedroom. And it is much, much better quality than the previous one was, being made of hard plastic now instead of wood (the frame, that is). It feels very sturdy and very secure, so we have no doubts that it’ll hold our air conditioner well. Yay! Only took them over a month to do, despite telling us 3 weeks. Ah well, that’s how all construction works, isn’t it? I also have some Canada Day pictures that I’ll be loading into the galleries section. I have video of the fireworks, but unfortunately our site doesn’t load video. Continue reading

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The Most Terrible Sleep

So last night Andy and I had the worst sleep ever. Well, maybe not completely ever, but it’s sure drained us. There is a problem. The apartment building is getting on in its age, fair enough. We noticed that the windows do not seal properly – there is condensation between the double panelling proving moisture gets in. We noted on one other night this same conclusion because the wind permeated the window through cracks because it is not properly sealed, and in the process, would rattle the window as it did so really badly. The whole night. Continue reading

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