7 Quick Takes Friday

Apologies, apologies for the confusion about the pseudo-post yesterday…I was testing a feature out that we’ve never used, along with editing a post that will be elsewhere later…

So I’m making it up with a 7QT. And pictures.


silly face

We attended a family retreat in Martensville a couple weekends ago – it was fabulous! The kids had their own retreat, there was a nursery, and then there was the retreat for the adults. It felt almost like being pampered having the kids taken care of so much!

We realised that this would be the first time Felicity would be on her own – I don’t think she’d ever been separated from all of us at once before! She was completely fine in the morning, waving to us and then turning her back so quickly, but after lunch (which she had with us) it was a different story. Thankfully we were able to make it work still, and I do think she had a lovely time in the morning playing.



It doesn’t look like it, but the weather’s been taking a fabulous warm turn and I believe we have ourselves an early spring here in the north. This was a particularly windy day, and wind, even in spring, can take away all the warmth.

BUT we’ve been enjoying finally getting outside to play. Only warmth ahead! And maybe a little rain. We will blaze forward and enjoy gardening! Or, at least I will.


Lazy daisy. Picked up some screws at Home Depot the other day with the girls, turned around for a minute, looked back and found her like this. Chillaxing. *Sigh* the life of a 2-year-old.


So Cassia has taken up the hobby of drawing. It’s love/hate for me. I love her cute little people she draws. I hate the millions of sheets of paper left all over the living room floor, the kitchen table, the den…

A friend years ago recommended just using drawing books so that everything is contained…it might take some convincing before we get to that.

Interestingly though, as illustrated in the picture above, she’s demonstrated that she can draw in other people’s style as well. I think it’s so neat! The way she draws pictures and the way Spencer does are different and easy to tell apart. She completely recognises this and when she went to draw Spencer (yelling his head off, she tells me), she drew him in his own style of drawing. Then she drew herself (jus’ tawkin to m’self).

I’m so intrigued where she gets her inspiration from – no one has ever told her (that I’m aware) that girls should have eye lashes and boys shouldn’t, for instance. There have been a few other interesting things too. Recently fingers have been added to her peoples.


I’ve been working hard on my Catechesis of the Good Shepherd materials. I feel that I have the foresight of Dory, that is to say nil, and so I’ve been scrambling a great deal attempting to get my materials in order. Saturdays this month have felt so very inconsistent, between my having to cancel a few sessions and kids having other random activities, I’m feeling behind in presentations, which is hard! Especially in Lent, these presentations are all key to receiving the Easter presentations. Le sigh. March, why were you out to get me?

However, I’m getting materials made so there’s progression.


Speaking of materials, if you follow me on social media you may have seen this, but it’s too good not to record here.

So, I was painting the Good Shepherd figure, I got to the face and became stuck at the mouth. I hate doing mouths. So I decided to postpone it until after the kids were in bed and I could look online to see what others have done for the GS’s mouth.

Spencer, however, noticed that the Shepherd was incomplete. So Spencer thought he’d offer his talents. I believe the conversation went something like this:

Mommy, I can do it for you. I’m good at making mouths. See, he’s eating a bird in that one.

Numero 4 is the bird culprit. And he’s right. There is a bird in there.

I gracefully declined.

But I love his options.


I made this the other day:

It’s like a stacked bread…roll it out, spread it with butter, herbs and cheese, slice it to squares, stack it in the pan and bake like normal.

So I ate about half the loaf. And while it was darn delicious, I think it could have been better. Have you ever made this before? What have you used for flavour?

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My Little Pony and #7QT



It’s totally the rage. With my kids. And did you know that they even have a Christmas album? Please, ask me how I know.



I finally, finally have entered into a rhythm of school work with Spencer that seems to be working. I cannot even tell you how much stress this has relieved. And now that it is established, he’s getting more efficient, which means more time for play. He’s usually able to finish his work within about an hour. Now that essentials are covered, we are going to delve into some more things in the new year. And get back into doing art. I miss doing art. 2016-11-30-09-49-49-edit


I have a dilemma that is not really a dilemma. There is a turkey in my freezer, but it’s not the turkey I want. The one that I want is the Butterball stuffed turkey, ’cause we had one years ago and my tastes have nearly completely been won over (in terms of cheaper store-bought turkeys that we can afford). Andy told me I can’t buy the Butterball (even though it was ON SALE) because we have a turkey already. I say he’s wrong, but due to smaller freezer and no occasion yet to eat it, his opinion won out. This time.


I just spent $30 on chocolate for our Advent calendar. Did I just shoot myself in the foot? 2016-11-22-11-57-15-edit


A friend of mine and I planned a quick pick-up of an item from my house last night, and we both got to our respective homes and forgot. Is this normal? Does life mostly consist of forgetting things and remembering at later times from this point on? Experience is sure indicating so…


We bought a van. Anyone looking for a great reliable Pontiac Vibe? It’s name is The Blue Pearl. Nickname: Bloops. I’m so very much going to miss this car. Every time I sit in it I’m just as happy as I was when we first took it home. And in case you’re unfamiliar with this beauty, she’s basically a Toyota Matrix (likely even made at the same facility), but costs less because of the Pontiac brand. So total win.

And we now have a van. Though we’re totally using both while we have the capability. It’s costing more, but we’re doing it, gosh darn it. 2016-11-23-11-26-07-edit


Saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I really really enjoyed it. The only main critique I have of it is that the main character is hardly endearing. He’s overly standoffish and it’s hard to feel any sort of passion towards his character. But I enjoyed it and am looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the next one. I hope it’s not too predictable. I think many Potter fans would be willing to say that it’s light years better than The Cursed Child book.

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Oh, and if you want a good look at how kids’ play Hide and Seek, definitely check out this video

7 Quick Takes Friday #7QT



I’ve given in and have hired a company to help clean my house.

And truly, I am so thrilled beyond belief that I will have a clean house. But not a whole house – our budget can just barely afford getting the kitchen and bathrooms clean. BUT if you’ve visited our house, you’ll know just how much work it will be to thoroughly clean these areas. As in at this point in my life it really is completely beyond me.

I’ve ordered a complete clean, so they will be taking out all the dishes and cleaning all the cupboards, moving the freezer, stove, fridge, and also cleaning the fridge (inside!) as well. I am so blown away at how casual she was as she was asking me about what I’d need. Oh, and if they have time, they’ll organise and clean the landing when you walk into the house (even though we have summer and winter everythings out because of the crazy early snow). She said with absolute certainty, “My girls are really good at their job. It won’t be a problem.” Talk about melting my heart with words.


Cassia is officially four.

And she is sure to tell everyone who asks exactly how old she is and that it was just her birthday; she is still quite excited. 2016-10-04-07-51-43-edit-websiteCassia received a few My Little Ponies (MLP) which she absolutely adores. While visitng grandparents, she also received little Care Bears toys (with accompanying book) and a MLP soft throw and bag. This newly minted four-year-old love love loves everything and when I asked her what type of cake she would like for her birthday, she excitedly announced, “PINK!” which totally makes my life easy. She clarified later that it was a chocolate cake with pink icing that she would really like so I just said, ‘You bet’ like a pro cause I’ve totally lucked out.


Felicity was not pleased.


Watching her older sister receive her birthday dues.

While Cassia was having a super day her younger troublemaker-in-arms was definitely not pleased that it was her birthday. She was most upset when Cassia received gifts and she did not. She was quite grumpy when Cassia got to do things she did not. And while she did sing Happy Birthday, when Cassia later exclaimed how happy she was that it was her birthday, Felicity, while menacingly gripping her high chair and leaning dangerously towards Cassia, yelled in her most angry tone and voice, “IT’S NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!”

She had had enough.


The Birthday Interview

Will get its own post, maybe even later today. It definitely shines her sunny personality 🙂


Ze Turkeyyy Dinnnnnnrrrr

We then trucked ourselves down to Regina for Thanksgiving, which was super duper tasty.


Cassia in a too-tired grump.

Everyone had a great day, which included spending a great amount of time at the park close by. The older two and myself spent some good time running around trying to catch falling leaves in the gusty wind. We definitely gave ourselves a great workout.


And we managed to snap this photo, which might be an all-time best for smiles and looking at the camera. Though ze boyyyzz have some horrible shag hair going…which soon after was rectified.



Andy is switching le fin-de-semaine as of tomorrow, which means he is home Friday-Saturday until this batch of sacramental preparation classes are done. I have a love-hate relationship with this: the Friday off means we can do many, many things together with less people around (total win), but it means we don’t get Sunday together, which is a big loss too. We’ve switched to doing Mass permanently on Saturday evenings (unless other opportunities arise) which helps with the stability, but let me tell you – no evening Mass is at a good time for young kids :(. They are either hungry or tired. There truly is no in-between, just variations on intensity.


Day Off

Due to regularly scheduled days off that Andy and I give each other once a month, I get mine today! I am planning on visiting with a friend, hanging out with my laptop at a pub, and going to a Naturopathy doctor to help me look into this pork intolerance things I seem to have.


Pork Intolerance

Within the last year, I have developed an intolerance to pork. My body just doesn’t like it and my intestines make sure to tell me just how much they despise it shortly after eating it. It is quite unpleasant (though the occasional bacon or sausage is worth the unpleasantness. At least at this point) and I don’t know if there’s anything that can be done about it. It’s probable that it’s genetic (my dad has this too), but I figured that a Naturopathy doctor would be the the choice to pursue if I want to explore alternate options than possible medication (which I don’t even know if it is an option). At any rate, my consult is tomorrow. Hoping that it helps at least shed some more light on this undesirable quandary.

Pray tell, what has your week been like?

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7 Quick Takes Friday #7QT


Today we celebrate Mary Magdalene, an amazing woman transformed by an encounter with Jesus. As everyone knows, she had been a prostitute and Jesus kindly brought her towards the light of her actions.


That's what many Christians believe of our dearest Mary Magdalene but YOU ARE WRONG Click To Tweet That’s what many Christians believe of our dearest Mary Magdalene but YOU ARE WRONG. Never has it been recorded in our Scripture that she was a prostitute and it is erroneous to believe this fallacy. Not like, mortal-sin erroneous, but an ignorant-venial sin type error. Please read some articles and history to help understand her prominent role in evangelization. She has received the title ‘Apostle to the Apostles’ for a very very good reason. And, well, Jesus showed up first to her, not the others. So there’s that too. And she was from a wealthy family and likely financially supported Jesus’ ministry. So, she was fairly awesome. Spiffy, even. I bet she’s cringing at those attributes I’m calling her, but she knows I mean well.


Swim lessons started this week and I don’t know how I always forget that the pool is about 50x hotter than outside with 100x the humidity. The essentials: kids love water, mama hates the hot.

2016-07-19 09.31.03 - edit

Summer kisses


We have been catching Pokemon with that app that has us Going places. Spencer loves it and is loving going for walks now. I used to fight with him over a presumed idea of walking anywhere, but this game totally has got him asking me every day if we’re going for another walk today or trying to negotiate how the day works out so that we can go play Pokemon.

Spence: Can we go for another walk this afternoon?

Me: probably not; you all have quiet time and I need to get some things done at home

Spence: What if we have short quiet times  and you can do all the cleaning while we’re in our quiet time?

Me: Who made you boss? This is my kingdom, child.

Or at least, that’s how things tend to go. Sometimes we get out again, sometimes we don’t. Today we go play soccer at the free soccer program in the city instead of playing the game. I think it’ll work out fine.


Our cheap deck umbrella is broken from a wind storm and now I’m reluctant to go outside and fill the kiddie pool without that much-needed shade. Perhaps we should bite the bullet and get another one, but what if it happens again? Does anyone have any longer-term solutions to deck coverage that won’t blow away in the strong wind? Cause it’s always windy to some degree on the prairies.


In line with that thought, I’m debating whether growing hops and trellising it over the deck would work. In the new Food & Drink magazine (now available digital! squee!) I’m told we can harvest the shoots from it and eat them similar to asparagus. And potentially in a couple years we could also harvest hops for our beer…anyone have good thoughts on trellising a deck cover?


Andy starts holidays today at 4:30. I’ll just dance a dancey-dance right now.

2016-07-21 11.18.52 - edit

Party at the splash park. With semi-closed eyes. Cause I’m so good with a camera like that.


We bought the kids a bunk bed from IKEA. With the optional trundle bed. We had been planning on making a set of triple bunk beds, but after Andy made his scale-drawings of the beds and the room size and it’s awkwardness, it turns out it’s easiest to buy a standard bunk bed and use a trundle for the third bed.

So all of this means that Andy gets his 2 weeks of vacation back to doing nothing rather than just spending it making beds. Win all around. Happy summer-ing!

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7 Quick Takes Friday #7qt


Are you having a bad day? Quick, take a look at these photos:

2014-08-28 21.39.41mess on defunct dishwasher, and those are weeks-old eggshells in that bowl, in case you need to know
2014-08-28 21.39.48our counter space
2014-08-28 21.39.58cleanest area

Does your kitchen look like this? No? Then feel better about yourself, my friend. You’re not that bad. Let these pictures serve you to think, ‘well, at least my kitchen isn’t as bad as this one lady’s I saw on the internets today. I’m actually doing pretty good’ I will be that lady for you. Am I proud of it? Nope. Am I stressed about it? Nope. In fact, I just finished a bag of chipotle ranch chips and am going to head to bed after this post. It’s just one of those days.


Ever feel like things are going a little too swimmingly? Then you get a missed bill slapped in your face and all you can think is ‘craaaaaaaaaapppppppppps’. Hypothetically? Thankfully they don’t disconnect my internets after just 1 missed. I would cry.


I successfully left the house with three kidlets by myself on foot. We ventured to the new subdivision beside us (used to be a field) that has show homes open for viewing. I was curious enough to risk it with three kids.

Time was my friend, friends. We went when most normal people are still working, so there was no one else around looking. This made my time there much less stressful. And it was by blessed coincidence that it occurred this way. On our way out of the second last house a van pulled up and a party of people jumped out and rushed in the doors as we slid out of them. Near miss.

My favourite was this layout:

2014-08-28 21.40.35and it’s not because there was free keurig coffee with real cream for the freebs in this house2014-08-28 21.40.42The house has no garage on the front like it’s mooning the street. It’s a keeper!


We just had some friends visiting last night whom are from Ottawa. My, how I miss spending quality time with friends. We stayed up wayyyyyyy too late talking with them about everything that could pop into our heads. It has been much too long since we last conversed with friends in a meaningful way for longer than 1 hour. I am definitely looking forward to one day doing this on more occasions than once every 4 years…(does it happen when the kids get older? I don’t know…)


Is it wrong to want to stay up all night because it’s so silent? Andy’s gone to bed early because we stayed up too late last night, so I’ve had blessed silence for about 2 hours now. I have this urge to just stay up late and do nothing. Or bake. If my kitchen didn’t look like above, I’d probably make myself something nice, big, and chocolate. silence is golden.


Felicity is growing. The breastfeeding issues have largely subsided, but it’s not because we started using the bottle for her, like I last posted. Cause she said to us, in no uncertain terms, ‘no-effing-way’ to that sucker.

2014-08-20 20.00.26our little Goo Baby (so named by Cassia)

We tried everything to get her to take to the bottle. I didn’t know refusal on this level was possible. But I will tell you, it is stressful when you think she’s going to end up being hospitalized for not growing because she’s not a) breastfeeding enough b) bottle feeding any c) nor finger feeding (thank-you-very-much-no-thanks, she said).

She’s got a very little bit of chubs on her now, which is becoming of a baby. She’s growing longer (which was never the issue). I think the domperidone (or however that stuff is spelled) is finally working its magic and the fenugreek and blessed thistle aren’t hurting either. I’m so thankful that she seems to be gaining her weight now. Our doctor said to come back in a month cause she thinks it’s going better too, so yay. Very yay.


5k run. This year, will be a walk. Cause that run occurs the first weekend in September, which is apparently 9 days away now.

2014-08-21 15.29.46

inevitably, when Spencer grabs my phone to play with the camera, he always takes a picture of his feet. these feet will not be running..

Have I done any training? Well, I went for that walk through the show homes…(read: nope). What was I thinking? I was thinking I could totally train with a newborn. Well, even if people told me it wouldn’t happen, I now have the experience to back up their claims. Granted, if I hadn’t had 2 other kids running around, but had the experience to know how awesome that would have been, I might have.

memeShame: none. I will walk that 5k with pride in my spit-upped shirt. Though I might run through the colour spraying portions so that I can breathe. We’ll see.


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