Despite It All

Despite our turn of ill health, we had our own version of high tea here yesterday. The kids ate crustless sandwiches, drank tea from fancy cups (I only had two), and enjoyed crumpets with jam and whipped cream for dessert. They loved it. And they learned all about manners. High Tea manners. To which they promptly disregarded mostly, but still, it was there. We had a great time and I think it should become a Nana tradition to have “High Tea” whenever she comes (yes, mum?). Will need to find a better source of bread and crumpets, though. Or perhaps make scones.

And in the health department, we are still struggling. Somehow everyone but me has contracted a second virus, one that causes a high fever. Cassia seems to be taking the brunt of it right now – hoping it will clear up very soon. Poor girl ūüôĀ Though it seems to be affecting Spencer’s sleep and he’s waking up in night terrors again, which is no fun for anyone. The kids are definitely getting many opportunities to watch their new Cat.Chat shows during the day, at any rate.

And in other news, tomorrow is a very merry Christmas for Andy and I…

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.

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Boxing Day. Catapult Style.

Spencer had a thrilling day today putting together his catapult with Andy.

And then we played Yahtzee for the first time with him, which he completely loved.

Getting ready for the roll

Headsmack for missing the full house.

Learning how mistakes can be sometimes used elsewhere (eg. highroll).

Looking Back

This little girl fell sick with the flu on Christmas day. Was sound asleep on the couch while shows were being watched. Poor little sick cutie. Still had a fever today, but was going down by the end of the day.

Wearing her new ‘Pinkie Pie’ My Little Pony sweater over her Christmas dress…She looks so cute in the sweater! It has a mane and ears…

She loved her turkey leg ūüôā

Going for seconds.

The hero of the meal – my mom. She made most of what we ate (except the broccoli – I made that one).

Hero of the after-meal – deboning the turkey and keeping the bones for turkey stock.

And I did make the turkey stock. It’s currently cooling in the bain marie. Which is the sink.

And tomorrow, it might be a turkey soup day!

Merry Christmas again, enjoy the rest of your second day of Christmas (turtle doves!) and tomorrow, as well (French hens! What’s so special about them being French? Anyone?).


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Merry Christmas

From all of us Korvemakers, Merry Christmas!

Enjoy the 12 days of Christmas!

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My Little Pony and #7QT



It’s totally the rage. With my kids. And did you know that they even have a Christmas album? Please, ask me how I know.



I finally,¬†finally have entered into a rhythm of school work with Spencer that seems to be working. I cannot even tell you how much stress this has relieved. And now that it is established, he’s getting more efficient, which means more time for play. He’s usually able to finish his work within about an hour. Now that essentials are covered, we are going to delve into some more things in the new year. And get back into doing art. I miss doing art.¬†2016-11-30-09-49-49-edit


I have a dilemma that is not really a dilemma. There is a turkey in my freezer, but it’s not the turkey I want. The one that I want is the Butterball stuffed turkey, ’cause we had one years ago and my tastes have nearly completely been won over (in terms of cheaper store-bought turkeys that we can afford). Andy told me I can’t buy the Butterball (even though it was ON SALE) because we have a turkey already. I say he’s wrong, but due to smaller freezer and no occasion yet to eat it, his opinion won out. This time.


I just spent $30 on chocolate for our Advent calendar. Did I just shoot myself in the foot? 2016-11-22-11-57-15-edit


A friend of mine and I planned a quick pick-up of an item from my house last night, and we both got to our respective homes and forgot. Is this normal? Does life mostly consist of forgetting things and remembering at later times from this point on? Experience is sure indicating so…


We bought a van. Anyone looking for a great reliable Pontiac Vibe? It’s name is The Blue Pearl. Nickname: Bloops. I’m so very much going to miss this car. Every time I sit in it I’m¬†just as happy as I was when we first took it home. And in case you’re unfamiliar with this beauty, she’s basically a Toyota Matrix (likely even made at the same facility), but costs less because of the Pontiac brand. So total win.

And we now have a van. Though we’re totally using both while we have the capability. It’s costing more, but we’re doing it, gosh darn it.¬†2016-11-23-11-26-07-edit


Saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.¬†I really really enjoyed it. The only main critique I have of it is that the main character is hardly endearing. He’s overly standoffish and it’s hard to feel any sort of passion towards his character. But I enjoyed it and am looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the next one. I hope it’s not too predictable. I think many Potter fans would be willing to say that it’s light years better than The Cursed Child book.

Linking up with Kelly.

Oh, and if you want a good look at how kids’ play Hide and Seek, definitely check out this video

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New Liturgical Year

And we’re off to a new start! Happy Advent!

Busy as bees here, but having a great time! More updates soon.


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A Canadian in the Rough

Is better than an American in their system.

Or at least that’s my stance on this. And I would have said this either way that the election had turned out.

And while I feel that we are doing moderately better in Canada, I am not so smug to believe that our country doesn’t have it’s own problems.

You scoff at the racism rampant in the States? It is well alive here too – against indigenous peoples. Every government that Canada has elected has backed out of promises to first nations peoples.

Scoff at the sexism? Also alive and well in Canada. Not so different. Maybe not so obvious since Trump came into the spotlight, but still just as fervent.

But we do have medical care. I believe that providing the basic necessities for every person is extremely valuable to respecting the dignity of every person.

We do have poutine, which I don’t think I could so easily give up if I had to. OK, pretty much any Canadian cuisine is gonna keep me here, I’ll be honest. Oh, and lumberjacks are pretty wicked too.

I am sad that the democratic process in the States couldn’t have produced better candidates. I would have been cheering Bernie Sanders on from the sidelines in another country.

Andy can tell anyone that I was chanting to myself last night as I was trying to go to sleep, ‘Not my circus, not my monkeys.’

It’s just awkward when someone else’s circus monkeys interfere with other circuses and their governing bodies. This unfortunately will not be limited to the States.

And while Canada is not scott-free in the values department (oh, and we can legally help kill our elderly now too, don’t you know), I feel supremely thankful that I live in¬†Canada. At least right now. If they ever take my poutine away, I may have to reconsider.



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Kids and Safety

I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to talk with the kids about safety broadly. It’s not that we haven’t talked about it, but I’ve never felt that it’s been adequate for possible¬†experiences.

The Library

While at the library not long ago, a DVD cover popped out and caught my eye. 2016-11-08-11-37-18-editIt seemed like it might be a good jumping off place for safety. I was right.

Language and Experiences

This DVD focuses on the internal ‘uh-oh’ feeling that we get when things aren’t right or safe. It explores different situations where that feeling can happen. For example, if we go up to a big diving board and suddenly feel queasy with the ‘uh-oh’ feeling because we’ve realised it’s too high. Or when a stranger offers us candy. Or when we get lost. All these different situations have an ‘uh-oh’ feeling to them, which is language I know my kids understand (well, maybe not Felicity quite yet). The show also reinforced that we are the ‘boss of our bodies’, which is language I much prefer to ‘my body, my choice’ which has such specific and, in my opinion, negative¬†associations in our culture. I’m super glad they steered away from that language.

This show¬†has different storytelling components and a craft included as well. This series appeals to my kids and I’m glad I saw this on the shelf at the library and picked it up. It helps give language that I can reinforce with my kids. Also, it illustrates skills we can use in situations that were shown (eg. remembering the full name and phone number of a parent). It also points out people who are likely a safe adult (cashier at a store, mom with kids). I found it’s a helpful resource in the¬†ongoing work of helping keep our kids safe.


This is a great show to help with the conversation at home. If you’re looking for something that’s a good option for younger kids, I absolutely recommend it.

If anyone has any resources that positively reinforce listening to our instincts for young children, I’m all ears. I’ve had a hard time finding things that are appropriate and at their level. What do you use at home to help in the safety conversation?

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