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We are Jane and Andy, Amanda Jane Korvemaker and Andrew Jonathan Korvemaker. We thought having common initials was kinda neat, so we used them for our site. And that’s that.IMG_0624








Jane grew up in Prince George, BC. She then proceeded to live as follows: St. Albert, Edmonton (acquiring a Bachelor in Theology at Newman Theological College), San Clemente, Edmonton, Ottawa  (made progress towards a Masters in Pastoral Theology), Saskatoon. The last 3 were with the hubby.

Andy grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan. He then lived in Ottawa as an engineering intern. While there he felt called to discern the priesthood and joined the Companions of the Cross.  After a year on NET, he discerned being called to diocesan priesthood rather than religious, so he took up seminary at St. Joseph’s seminary in Edmonton, studying at Newman Theological College.

We met at Newman and became friends, disassociated ourselves for awhile (during this time Andy discerned that he did not feel he was truly being called to the priesthood), then got together about a month before Jane moved to California. We were married in Jane’s hometown. ceremony077We had our first baby in Ottawa in 2010.That would make him 8 years old now (where did the time go?!) 

Now we’re living in Saskatoon, SK and our second babe joined us in 2012. 

And our third joined us in 2014. 

We like wine, we used to make it. We also like beer, and so Andy makes a lot of it. And Jane likes bacon. A lot (this cannot be stressed enough).

Andy is a Pastoral Associate at a local parish and Jane homeschools the middle child, is chair of the Saskatoon and Area Homeschool Travel Club, runs the parish’s Catechesis of the Good Shepherd progam, and writes monthly for CatholicMom.com (which you can find here). We both are Roman (Latin) Catholic and are on a continuous journey seeking what God is asking us to do in our lives. We have discovered that this road is not paved with gold, but there are many, many blessings on this pathway. Though it would also be nice to find some gold someday. Andy would buy himself a nice coffee. Jane would buy some bacon and eat it.