Daily Gospel: Crowd, I get it

Today’s gospel: John 8:31-42

I struggle with the gospel of John.

I love the imagery that he uses, I love the signs. I don’t love how I read it and constantly think, “Crowd, I get it. I totally get where your coming from. This guy’s speaking is nuts. Can’t he just answer a question?!”

I am the crowd. I am the pharisees. Even in retrospect of the gospels and our church and tradition, I look at what that crowd was told and I understand why they were so confused so much of the time. I mean, is it too much to ask Jesus to use a bit of logic in his responses?! Joking. Sort of. This is quite particular to John’s gospel.

And yet that very point that I find so frustrating I also find reassuring. I don’t have to get it. I don’t have to understand completely. It is okay that I am still learning. At this point, the majority of my learning I expect to take place in prayer, not necessarily academics.

But I’m just saying to the crowd in John’s gospel: you’re not wrong. But can you keep the questions and keep your faith long enough for Jesus to fill you? That’s the question. That’s the challenge.