Supper Tonight

I’ve been planning this one for just a week. I’ve been nervous about it, having never deep-fried at home (though I had while I did my Culinary Arts certificate, now 10 years ago). I was worried, especially with little feet that make their way into the kitchen so often. Thankfully Andy was around to keep Spencer at bay.

We made Beer Battered Fish and Chips. And the fish was absolutely delicious.

IMG_1017 IMG_1019It’s really quite simple. For the beer batter, I used 1 can of beer (some random type that Andy gleaned from the church; I believe any would likely do) and 1 cup of flour. Whisked it together really well, then let it sit for 1 hour. Fish were dredged in seasoned flour (1/2 cup) then battered. With the hot oil (all 8 cups of canola) at the temperature of 370F, slowly plopped them in, about 2.5 minutes per side.

IMG_1022 IMG_1016



They were sooooo good. Light, fluffy and crunchy, all in one scrumptious bite! We deep fried the potatoes too, but I’ll be honest – I think for the sake of time I’d rather bake them instead. Since I haven’t a proper or bigger deep frier, I had to do smaller batches and it just took waaay too long (which is based on a ‘crap my kid is hungry, when will it be ready?’ type of timing). Baking them would free everything up to be ready at about the same time, and with minimal flavour difference.

IMG_1027 Waiting for the timer to beep!

Was I freaked about burning myself silly with oil that’s 370F? Oh yes.

Did I pursue for the sake of my palate? Oh yes.

Did anything disaster? Surprisingly, no!

Did it taste amazing and did it justify the time? Apart from the fries, yes!

And most important of all: did Spencer eat it and like it? YES!

This equals success! Hurrah! We will likely venture into the world of deep frying again due to this success. On a side note, Andy and I both have an urge to deep fry everything in our kitchen right now. This might be a side effect.


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