We’ve taken to having oatmeal 3-4 times a week. Andy usually opposes oatmeal and subsequently takes 5 times longer to eat it than anything else we might have eaten (literally close to a half hour for 3/4-1 cup of oatmeal). I usually found that without the protein that other breakfasts afford, I would get really hungry again by mid-morning. IMG_1056

So we experimented. And now we have something that seems to work for us.

It consists of 1/2 cup of dry oatmeal, a dash of cinnamon, a sprinkling of sunflower seeds, another good sprinkling of ground almonds, some raisins, milk, and a dash of brown sugar. This week we opened our only jar of canned peaches from last summer. We’ve been loving them and they’ve been an amazing addition.

IMG_1057We started doing oatmeal a couple years ago because a) Spencer loved it b) it gave variety to our breakfast meals for the week c) it reduced our breakfast costs from having eggs nearly every morning. Now with the addition of seeds and nuts, I’m not sure if it reduces the cost by a large amount, but we love the variety and it tastes great.

Do you have any special ways of preparing oatmeal?

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