Okanagan and Wedding Photos

As promised, here is part two!

Kettle Valley Steam Train! He was so stoked to be on a train like Thomas the Tank Engine.

Sitting in a vintage rail car for the ride!

Watching for the steam engine to drive by! (To switch directions)

He wasn’t interested in the camera…

So thrilled!

Our nice and shiny steam engine!

Playing at the lake. He’s currently in a stage where he doesn’t really like getting into the water, but likes playing with the water.

His spray bottle. It was sometimes the easiest way to get him to drink water. We called it ‘drinking rainbows’ because Andy tried to show him once how when you spray it, you can see a rainbow in the mist. He didn’t get it, but he started drinking rainbows.

Perhaps there was too much time in the car…

We overheated our car..partly the car’s fault, partly my fault for driving up a steep road to get a great view at only 20km in 32+ weather…

So on the way down the hill, we visited an Alpaca farm

Dressed up all smart and handsome for the wedding!

Making sure to drink enough water…always the struggle…

My handsome grandfather, still hard at work with his camera.

The man of the hour, dressed to the nines in traditional Munro garb

Waiting while photos are taken

Best man (my uncle) chatting it up with my cousin


While playing with a cousin, they came across a bunny rabbit

At the reception

Pimms! I just had a sip, though Andy enjoyed up to two for me…

Enjoying the pimms on the patio

Saying goodbye to some good friends made!

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