Motion 312

I just wanted to quickly give a resource for those who are interested in supporting Motion 312 in parliament tomorrow. This Motion, if it passes, would create a parliamentary committee that would study the definition of a human being. I would ask that you PLEASE contact your MP’s office and ask them to vote in favour of motion 312. These little ones need a voice!

This is a copy of what I wrote to my MP (you can locate yours on the Parliament of Canada’s site)

“My name is Jane Korvemaker and I am writing to you concerning Motion 312, which will be voted on in the House of Commons tomorrow. If it passes there would be a parliamentary committee that would study the definition of a human being. I would like to express my favour of this motion and heartfelt hope that you also will support this motion.

In this day and age, it seems unreasonable to let a law stand on unscientific evidence, denying even the discussion of such an important issue. Contrary to Mr. Harper’s assumption, Canadians do want to talk about this issue, and they want it based on fact rather than presupposition. Slaves were not considered human up until it was discussed and challenged. Ultimately, they were found to be human beings whom also have the rights inherent to the state of being human. This is an issue that needs more evidence-based discussion in order to truly support the basic rights of human beings in our country.”

Be sure to include your name and address with your sign off. Let’s pray that the Spirit will move enough people to be open to the discussion based on scientific facts!

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