Baby Numero Deux

I’ve now been carrying this little child in me for about 16 weeks. Two weeks ago I started to feel the flutters of movement, and this week I’ve definitely started to notice more kicks or punches than before. This baby is growing and, in its own way saying, ‘Hey, I’m here! Don’t forget to keep thinking about me!’

Many times when I catch myself thinking of the baby, it’s usually in reaction to thinking about Spencer. I look at my little boy, who really is not so little anymore, and I think, ‘I love him so much, how can I love this new little one just as much?’ At this point, while this babe is still growing in my womb, it is too far beyond my experience to imagine. But I have no doubts that it’s possible.

I don’t know if this is something a mother (or father) goes through from baby one to baby two, or if it’s a continual back-of-the-mind question even as more babies come. Perhaps after experiencing the growth of one’s own love from one baby to two, the next time around the belief is a little more full of confidence. But I’m not there yet. I just have my energetic little boy (who is now laughing at his own burps quite extensively) and this little one whose kicks and punches are starting to become more forceful.

I have no pictures today; our camera has, in my opinion, gone to a better resting place. In its place we just received a hand-me-down from a friend of ours just yesterday. It is much smaller and convenient to carry, which I’m hoping increases our use of the camera.

My plants continue to grow, I did much transplanting on Monday, and I’m hoping the basil and tomatoes survive the prairie winds. While it’s wishful thinking (the forecast is rain), I’m hoping this weekend to transplant the rest of my little plants. They’re just getting far too big for the little planters. I think I almost tried to kill them this week; I forgot to water them for a few days, so a few of them are in pretty rough shape. However, plants are hardy things. Or at least the ones I’ll left will be.

That’s my mid-week update. Oh, and if you have any name suggestions, we are (and by that, I mean I am) compiling a list. I have no idea where we’re heading this time around. Suggestions are always welcome, as long as you aren’t offended if we don’t use any of yours :). Happy Thursday!

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