7 Quick Takes Friday


I’m starting to think that there might be something wrong with me. You see, we currently live in a rented duplex and our neighbours smoke pot. This has been going on now for approximately 3 or so months. I am living for the day when I don’t have to smell it wafting into our bedroom at 10:30 at night while we have our fans running full blast to keep upstairs cool. That day is soon. The problem is this: I feel like I’m starting to smell it everywhere. We’re keeping a log of when they smoke it to hand off to the landlords when we leave, but I’m starting to question if it’s really the smoke or if my sense of smell has now just gone haywire.


I love chocolate. And I love fruit. These two things give me great joy, which is why I’m extremely excited for our volunteer appreciation event Sunday afternoon. It is, of course, a Chocoholic Buffet. My friend Kate was helping me cover some strawberries with chocolate this afternoon and she commented how excited she also was for it. I said something along the clever lines of, ‘Yeah, I hope it’ll go well’ and she responded with, ‘Well it will cause it’s a good idea!’ The ironic thing is this: months ago I pelted her with requests for ideas for a volunteer appreciation, so she gave me some. She even went so far as to create sample invites. The theme she most prominently suggested: Chocoholic Buffet. She, of course, claims she forgot she was the one who came up with the idea…


Speaking of Kate, we gave ourselves a nice foot soak last night. I scrubbed my feet and painted my nails. They now flash yellow and pink at you as I walk by.


My hips are getting to the ‘sore’ stage of this pregnancy. I can’t remember when they started with Spencer, but as I’ve become more limited in the ways I can sleep (on my left or right side, or mostly on my left or right side), my hips have started to complain. If I recall correctly, I felt a pillow between the knees helped, but I haven’t one small enough to help anymore. I don’t like the ‘I’m too uncomfy to sleep’ stage of pregnancy.


I really want a thunderstorm. The Canadian weather office has been predicting consistently for about 2 and a half weeks that we will be having a thunderstorm. The closest we had was a cloud grumbling at us as it prepared to unleash itself elsewhere. Tonight smells like a rain storm. What are the chances that we actually get a thunderstorm but I’m snoring through it?


I found a really pretty dress on my birthday that I bought. It’s meant primarily for a couple weddings this summer. I had to get it tailored in the shoulders because I’m short in my upper body compared to retail-designed women. It shouldn’t have been too much of a problem to go pick it up except for two things: I’m lazy and I don’t like paying for parking. The dress has been ready for just over a week and those two reasons have kept me away. Thankfully we’re going to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow, so Andy can jog a couple blocks in the car while I run in and grab it. Otherwise it may remain unclaimed for who knows how long.


I have 4 major events left before I can thrill myself with the joy of camping! While I’m eagerly anticipating moving out of this weed-smelling rental, it’s not the biggest thing I’m looking forward to this summer. It’s most definitely camping. The beginning of July can’t come soon enough for me. Are you looking forward to a vacation this summer?

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