7 Quick Takes Friday


We are behind schedule in our packing. I don’t think this should come as too much of a surprise for me, but when I think of it, I still start feeling overwhelmed. I mean, this is a whole house we have to pack up here. I just don’t know where we will get the time to do it unless I take a day or two off while the kid’s in daycare…this might prove to be a train of thought worth following…


We have sun! And it’s gorgeous! I am just drinking up the sunny weather here – enjoying being outside, having freezies and creamcicles, knowing that our splash parks are open as of today….ahhhh, yes. This is definitely the time of the year I’ve been waiting for. My tomatoes are loving it too.


The baby has started moving a lot more in the past 4 days than before. Either the baby has gotten to a point where it’s big enough that I feel the bumps more or my uterus has decided it’s had enough of this ‘growing’ business. I’m enjoying feeling the kid more, it’s a comforting feeling. And exciting. It’s hard to believe I’m not far away from my third trimester. One more month.


I’ve started dreaming for next year’s youth ministry…in my mind, it’s awesome! I’m hoping to try a couple experiments with a few teens this summer in regards to a cooking ministry, also seek some input into a Discipleship program for those really seeking to follow Christ in a more structured and deep way. And, of course, a trip to a conference somewhere in there…and half of this will be done while I’m on maternity leave. Well, I didn’t say all the details are worked out yet, but I’m confident a lot of them can be done :). It’s exciting!


Spencer’s sentences have been becoming more and more understandable (except when he insists on crying while talking). He leaves out prepositions, and Andy thinks he could do very well in Latin right about now, as they hardly use prepositions at all compared to English. Right now he’s singing the clean up song as he pours his bib into his bowl. Sometimes he’s actually so helpful!


I had a wonderful 30th birthday! And it feels good to have completed that year. I’m so excited for these next years, I can’t believe how full of joy and gratitude I am at getting older, but I hope I never lose that. It’s such a great journey that I’m on, and I’m super thankful for all the people who have been with me on this journey.

Andy also got me a lot of amazing gifts…one might have been a leftover from last year that he didn’t get around to following up with, but that’s ok :). I might have a decent Jane Austen movie collection now.┬áSo, if anyone’s up for a girl’s night, I’ve got some good ones!


As per my usual, I’m running late and shouldn’t be writing a post when I should be getting ready to do something else. Procrastination is my middle name…

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