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Today I found out, for the second time, that I do not have class on Friday. This time, my memory served me long enough to tell Andy about it, and to post about it. Hopefully that’ll make it stick. If not, I guess I’ll get some good reading done Friday morning.

So, I’ve decided to start making my daily routine have more fitness in it. I have a determined resolve to do about an hour’s walk a day (not definitively…much depends on Spencer). This week has been pretty successful (yay!). Today I was at mom’s group which is located in central Ottawa area, very near the river (not to be confused with the Canal). So, as I was walking to the bus station on the way home, Spencer fell asleep right before the river. Lo and behold: a walkway runs along the river. Yay! It was a gorgeous day outside, not too warm, not too cold; the wind wasn’t even bitter. So I walked. Typically Spencer’s naps end around the 30 minute mark. This one, however, lasted an hour. I got a great walk, some great scenery, and some great podcasting done! And when he woke, we stopped at a park and he swung on the swing. I think we had a great day together today. I wish every day was similar in that respect.

Spencer now has a tooth. It has completely cut through the gum, but hasn’t risen much yet. It is one sharp little puppy! I’ve taken to hiding my fingers from him so he won’t put them in his mouth to chew anymore – ouch! Now we’re waiting for another one, or two, or three, to start coming through. BUT on an awesomer note, he has slept through the night from 7pm to 5am TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW! I’ll bet I’m jinxing it by publicizing this, even if I don’t believe in that stuff. Here’s hoping (and praying) that he does this yet again!

Katie came to visit for awhile last week! We had a great time! Most notably, Katie and I went to a spa to have our nails done (I had a pedicure and she had a manicure). What a lovely place we went to! AND, get this, it was ANDY who suggested it!? He apparently met the owners at a school function and decided to give them a try when he bought me a pedicure for my birthday. It was awesome and if anyone comes to visit (and I have some extra cash), we will definitely be taking a relaxation afternoon there. It was soo nice! And Katie decided to put colour on her nails (everyone: oooooh, aaaahhhhh) so that she looks more devilish. Just kidding, but it’s a very mysterious brown with red undertone that just looks so luscious with her hair and skin tone. I got pink on my nails (how could I not?).

One of the greatest things that happened while Katie was here was coming up with Spencer’s Hallowe’en costume. He will be Bamm-Bamm Rubble, just as soon as we can find him a club. This kid, as Katie pointed out, loves banging things. And roaring, but that’s a different story. I found an animal print shirt from Value Village that I’ve cut up and sewn (roughly) together into the costume. He won’t know what hit him (and once I get him the club, this will be true on another level!).

I think that’s about all; Spence is growing like a weed, our place is still a mess. That about sums up everything else, I think. Oh, and I’ve had Godspell stuck in my head for the past few days. “You are the light of the world!” “When you feel sad, or under a curse…” Yup, it’s all there. Singing away in my head.

Well, I hope you’re all well (those that have determinedly followed despite my unintentional lapse). Here’s a picture from the park today. Enjoy!

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