Nice house!

Aaaah, it’s unfortuante to be so poor. Well, relatively speaking. For whatever reason, I got to looking at properties in Rockland, On., which is east of Ottawa. About a 25 minute drive for Andy to Hammond, and there are shuttle buses from Rockland to Ottawa. Only $159, 900. And though I have no idea what the neighbourhood is like, it seems like a reasonable price. I worked out the mortgage (well, the application worked it out), and it included such things as property tax, loan insurance, principal & interest, homeowners insurance, and it’s still less than what we’re paying in rent right now (comes to about $950 a month). I am certain that’s not all that needs to be included in monthly payments, but it seems lower than I would have guessed.
Alas, that we have no money. It’s probably better for us too. In case you were interested, here’s a link to the place (not sure how long it will be up for) 605 St. Jaques.
That’s about how I’ve spent the last hour of my time. In other news, I did manage to unpack all but a select number of boxes in our computer room. Yay! We don’t have to stub our toes anymore!
Happy interneting!