I got some more pics for you! In case you were actually interested in what it looks like down here.
1. This is a picture from the Metrolink station, where I’ve been catching the train this week up to Orange, where I’ve been picked up to go to Survival School at Marywood (sorta retreat centre, mostly diocesan offices and meeting rooms).
2. I crossed the tracks to the beach and took a couple photos of the ocean. This week there’s been a riptide happening, creating some really big waves (as I texted Adam, ‘australia size waves,’ or something to that extent)
3. Another wave
4. This is the view of Anaheim (and Orange and some other cities, I’m sure) from Marywood Centre. When it’s not so hazy, you can see the Anaheim Angels (baseball) ‘A’ at their stadium. But that wasn’t this day. Obviously.


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