The Half-Blood Prince

Yo Ho!
It’s a pirate’s life for me.

Or a wizard’s, come to think of it. Whilst at Camp last week, I was given a special wand, made specially for me by another Harry-lovin’ fan. It’s definitly keeper.

In other news, if you’ve read Darryl’s comment, you’d know that there was some sort of mess up concerning the release of the HBP books. Indeed, it shames me that I couldn’t discover this sooner and post it myself, but this lack of internet stuff is really taking it’s toll on me concerning getting info quickly. So thanks, Darryl, for pointing this out. Raincoast books has provided a statement regarding the mis-release of roughly 15 of the precious books, and is asking for those who bought them to please return them. Raincoast Books is promising to hold the exposed books for them until 12:01 July 16th, when they can promptly pick them up and read them. They’re even providing incentive to return them: “it will be presented back to you with an extra special gift — a signed book plate from the author herself and a limited special edition T-Shirt designed by the publishers for the Harry Potter Launch Weekend, as a way of thanking you for your cooperation.” So there you have it, folks, we print on recycled paper, but it seems some people in our beloved country just don’t understand the huge markings on the boxes: ‘DO NOT OPEN UNTIL JULY 16TH!’


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